Jessica Simpson Shows Off a Good 60% of Her Butt

Pictures have just surfaced of Jessica Simpson flashing a good deal of rear while performing for Good Morning America.

Judging from what I saw (a lot), she thought it was a good idea to wear a thong under a poofy skirt. . . or nothing. Judging from the eyeful, Carrie Underwood is giggling right now. Tony Romo, on the other hand, is probably mortified, not like he wasn’t already from something Jessica’s said/done/wore.

Meanwhile, Jennifer Ellison was awarded “Celebrity Rear of the Year 2008.” I bet there are a lot of people wishing that what happened to Jessica could’ve happened to Elliston instead, but I think Jess needed this. At least she’ll get boosted concert ticket sales for the next few months from anyone thinking that it could happen again!

Image: WireImage