Missy Franklin Gets Olympic Tattoo … With Dad’s Permission

Missy Franklin was the epitome of class at the 2012 London Olympics with her perfectly polite interviews and pearl earrings, but, now that the games are over, the 17-year-old phenom is cutting loose a bit — and has a tattoo to show for it.

Franklin took to Twitter to show off her ink, which she got just below her hip, The Huffington Post reported. The tattoo is the classic Olympics interlocking rings, a permanent reminder of the splash she made in the pool in taking home a total of five medals.

She is now in good company among other American swimmers. Missy Franklin’s tattoo mirrors ones on Michael Phelps and Ryan Lochte, each of whom have the Olympic logo inked on their bodies, the Associated Press reported.

Even though she’s not legally old enough to get a tattoo on her own, Missy Franklin has made it known that she intended to get inked once the games were over. She told reporters during the games that she would be getting the tattoo once she returned home and even ran the decision by her dad.

“This will be the only one, and she’s earned it,” her father, Dick Franklin, told TODAY.com.

Franklin has decided to forgo what would be a lucrative endorsement career to instead retain amateur status and will be swimming for the University of Texas next year.

But, after seeing others snatch up endorsement deals, the decision has been difficult, Franklin said.

“I think it’s made my decision a lot more difficult because I’ve been able to see the benefits and everything and how people get these sponsorships and what it’s like for them an how much fun they’re having and seeing those and kind of wanting that, wanting to be a part of it and having it be so hard to turn it down,” Franklin said during the Olympics, the Associated Press reported.

But before she heads off for college, Missy Franklin can first show off her new tattoo to her high school friends. She starts her senior year in the fall.