Sharna Burgess Suffers Nip Slip And Two Other Wardrobe Malfunctions On ‘Dancing With The Stars’

Sharna Burgess didn’t just suffer one wardrobe malfunction on Monday night’s episode of Dancing with the Stars— she had to overcome three clothing-related catastrophes. However, Sharna’s nip slip was the only wardrobe malfunction that was X-rated.

Sharna Burgess and her celebrity partner, Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver Antonio Brown, performed a dark and dramatic Tango to “Paint It Black” by the Rolling Stones, and Sharna’s black costume refused to stay put during all the routine’s dips and sweeping arm movements. Her top slipped down near the end of the Tango, leaving one of her nipples exposed underneath the sheer fabric. Sharna’s face was just as red as that door that Mick Jagger sings about after DWTS host Tom Bergeron informed her that she’d just suffered a nip slip on live TV.

Sharna Burgess Suffers Wardrobe Malfunction
Tom Bergeron is informed about Sharna Burgess’ nip slip (Image via ABC)

Before Tom told Sharna to pull up her top “just a touch, just for the family,” he reassured her that he was only looking at her revealing costume because he got a “cautionary note” about it in his ear piece. Sharna responded to the embarrassing slip by jokingly telling the judges that she deserved a 10 — after all, she did create a Janet Jackson moment on the show to rival Ginger Zee’s “Nasty” performance. Tom Bergeron couldn’t resist cracking one more joke about Sharna’s nip slip before sending her and Antonio off to find out their scores.

“Head on up to the sky box, it’s warmer up there,” he told the DWTS pro.

According to Fox News, a member of the DWTS crew caught Sharna Burgess’ nip slip while she was dancing. This is why the Dancing with the Stars logo popped up for a split second near the end of her performance. The nip slip is blurred on the DWTS YouTube page.

In her blog for EXTRA, Sharna revealed that the reaction to her nip slip hasn’t been negative — she’s relieved that most Dancing with the Stars fans see the humor in the situation and aren’t chastising or ridiculing her for suffering the revealing wardrobe malfunction.

“Tom had to step in front of me on live, national TV to tell me to pull up my dress. I don’t think I have ever been a brighter shade of red—I think my skin matched my hair!” Sharna wrote.

“I was so embarrassed, not just about the situation, but about the fact that I seriously had no idea it even happened! I am grateful everyone made light of the situation and it was not as embarrassing as it could’ve been, but I will forever be in the nip slip category of television.”

Sharna Burgess also revealed that she suffered two other wardrobe malfunctions on Monday night. The first came when she and Antonio walked onto the ballroom floor at the beginning of their routine. They and the “Darth Vader dancers” were all wearing black hooded cloaks, and Sharna and Antonio were both supposed to dramatically pull their hoods back before taking the cloaks off. However, Sharna forgot to pull her hood up before the dance began.

Sharna Burgess Second Wardrobe Malfunction
Sharna Burgess forgets to pull her hood up (Image via ABC)

Sharna’s third wardrobe malfunction occurred during the team dance at the end of the show. During the “Living in America” segment of the James Brown tribute, Sharna rocked a star-spangled skirt that she was supposed to rip off. However, she left the blue frill on until the end of the dance. According to one of Sharna’s tweets, pro dancer Peta Murgatroyd is the first person who informed her about this costume slip-up. You can hear Sharna giggling about her friend’s find in the video below.

Sharna Burgess didn’t just have to deal with multiple wardrobe malfunctions last night—she also had to cope with finishing at the bottom of the leaderboard. She and Antonio Brown scored all eights, but Sharna told AfterBuzz TV that she thought Antonio deserved a nine or two. She also said that she didn’t see all the mistakes that the judges talked about in their critiques.

Sharna Burgess and Antonio Brown will try to increase their scores next week by dancing to a song by a singer known for freeing her nipples. They’ll be performing a Viennese Waltz to Rihanna’s “Love on the Brain,” but they won’t be able to dedicate all of their precious time together to perfecting this routine — Antonio will have to learn a second dance for a unique challenge that will require him to dance with another celebrity.

According to Sharna, Antonio’s celebrity partner will be the competition’s other remaining athlete, UFC fighter Paige VanZant. Paige and her partner, Mark Ballas, earned a perfect score on Monday night, so Sharna and Antonio have to be pretty thrilled about this temporary team-up. Sharna Burgess just needs to make sure that she prepares for the double dances by stocking up on double-sided tape.

[Photo by Mike Windle/Getty Images]