Taylor Swift Avoided Kanye West At Met Gala Amid ‘Famous’ Lyric Feud

Taylor Swift was most certainly not looking forward to seeing Kanye West at the Met Gala, so much so that the singer reportedly went out of her way to avoid running into the rapper at the New York fashion event.

Swift’s current feud with Kanye West all started over the infamous line in the rapper’s song “Famous,” where the father-of-two raps about being able to sleep with the “Shake It Off” singer since he is the reason she is so popular.

The line was controversial, to say the least. But Kanye quickly defended himself, stressing that Taylor was aware of the line before he made the decision to keep it on the track. In a series of tweets, West alleges to have had a conversation with Taylor on the phone, and from how the phone call ended, Swift reportedly seemed fine with it, giving ‘Ye her approval.

Once the song began to make endless headlines, however, Taylor denied supporting the song, telling her fans on social media that she never engaged in a phone conversation with Kanye over the “offensive” track.

Kanye, who is still mad about Taylor Swift reportedly lying to the world that she didn’t know about the song prior to its release, would have definitely confronted the 26-year-old, but thanks to her dedicated team, Taylor managed to avoid West throughout the entire night, an insider reveals.

“Taylor is so completely over Kanye and all the drama surrounding him. She knew he would be there and wanted to make sure there were no run-ins. Taylor always seemed to be on the other side of the room from him and Kim, and Taylor made sure she surrounded herself with her friends and people she felt comfortable with. It sort of looked like she was avoiding him.”

The last thing Taylor Swift would’ve wanted was to create a scene that could’ve led to Kanye causing yet another one of his rants. The “Blank Space” songstress kept it totally professional despite having seen Kanye from a distance on multiple occasions — she just walked into another direction and kept it moving, a source continued.

While Kanye West was someone that Taylor avoided throughout the night, someone that Swift couldn’t get enough of was Beyoncé. The twosome were seen chatting on the red carpet, before deciding to create the 2016 Met Gala a memorable moment by posing for photos together.

All in all, Taylor made sure that she stayed away from trouble so that she could enjoy herself. But with that being said, insiders believe that Swift will eventually cross paths with Kanye, and that’s when she won’t just be able to walk away because she knows that the rapper will want an explanation for reportedly lying about the whole song debacle.

With the Video Music Awards just months away, social media users are convinced that the two could probably come face to face at the event where Kanye claims to have turned Taylor into an overnight worldwide superstar.

Who are you supporting in this ongoing feud? Do you think Taylor Swift is the victim?

[Photo by Larry Busacca/Getty Images]