Former Idol contestant Alexis Cohen found dead

Former American Idol contestant Alexis Cohen, best remembered as “Glitter Girl” was found dead early Saturday morning (July 25) in Pennsylvania.

Alexis Cohen was found by the edge of a road in Seaside Heights at 4am after a driver and passenger noticed her body and called 911. She was rushed to a nearby medical center where she was officially pronounced dead at 6:30 am.

Local media reported that an autopsy of Alexis Cohen’s body revealed chest and abdominal injuries and a closed head injury caused by collision with a vehicle. Police are currently treating her death as a homicide.

Alexis Cohen auditioned for the seventh season of American Idol covered in glitter, a look she explained as being like a pirate, and that she “likes things that shine.” She is perhaps better remembered for the rant she delivered after failing to get through to the final rounds. If you don’t remember her, an Alexis Cohen highlights video as follows: