New Reports Show Yahoo Slipping

New numbers out from two different companies show Google taking a partially unprecedented lead over search rival Yahoo. The data covers both total unique visitors and search queries per month.

Rankings compiled by internet tracker ComScore place Google as the most popular web site in America, according to a report just released by the Associated Press. Up until now, Yahoo had always held the top spot in the overall hit rankings. This data accounts for all site traffic, not just hits exclusive to search-related activity.

The difference between the two sites’ totals is less than one percentage point. Still, overall growth trends bring more good news for Google. ComScore indicates the site was up 18 percent in traffic from April 2007 to April 2008, while Yahoo jumped only seven percent in the same time period.

The AP points out that Yahoo is still ahead in actual page views, though, suggesting users may be staying on its site longer.

Another tracking company, meanwhile, finds Google also dominating when it comes solely to searches. New data released by HitWise measures Google taking almost 68 percent of all searches in the U.S. in April. Yahoo came in a weak second at 20 percent (via: SearchEngineLand).

This news hits right as Yahoo prepares to face the fallout from its failed Microsoft talks. The company’s investors are approaching their final hours to decide whether to replace the board of directors. Yahoo has set a deadline of tomorrrow — May 15 — for shareholders to make a move, if they so choose.