Dana Stubblefield Rape Accuser Is Not Mentally Disabled? Lawyer Says, ‘I Can Prove It’

Dana Stubblefield, ex-NFL linebacker, has addressed the media regarding the accusations that he allegedly raped a woman who prosecutors say is mentally challenged. His attorney, Ken Rosenfeld, says the woman is not mentally disabled, and he can prove it. TMZ posted the live stream of Stubblefield and Rosenfeld addressing the allegations.

From the onset of the claim, Stubblefield has stated that the allegations are “false and fraudulent.” Dana agreed to a lie detector test to prove his innocence. Rosenfeld says he’s already provided the district attorney’s office “with professional lie detector results that clearly show the encounter was consensual.”

Stubblefield told KTVU, “This is an issue that is very close to me. One of my primary charities is Special Olympics, something that is true and dear to my heart. That is why these allegations hurt me so badly. I’m not a perfect man, however these allegations coming against me coming a year after a consensual encounter with another woman are all totally false. I will defend myself with all of my strength.”

Rosenfeld told the press that Stubblefield was arrested on Monday in front of his children’s school to sensationalize the case and humiliate Dana in the process.

Rosenfeld says the district attorney assigned to the case waited more than a year to charge Stubblefield because he wants to run for Attorney General of California and wanted the case to be closer to the election.

Rosenfeld also notes that the accuser is not mentally disabled and has the ability to consent to sex. One of the charges Dana faces is rape with someone incapable of consent.

Ken Rosenfeld said pointedly, “It’s just not true.”

The accuser allegedly asked Stubblefield for the babysitting job she was interviewing for and money after their sexual encounter. Rosenfeld claims this diminishes her claim that sex was anything other than consensual.

Rosenfeld has revealed that Stubblefield’s accuser has a criminal history. She has accepted plea deals in the past. According to law, judges would not allow her to accept a deal unless she was competent to consent.

“Dana Stubblefield is being unfairly targeted due to his celebrity and wealth by someone with full motivation to lie,” Rosenfeld said.

Rosenfeld also revealed that Dana’s accuser ran an Avon business in the past, which further proves she has the ability to consent to sex.

The district attorney claims the woman has a speech impediment that would qualify her as mentally disabled, but Rosenfeld says it’s a stretch.

“The clear motivation here is money,” Rosenfeld said.

Both Stubblefield and his accuser have acknowledged the fact that Dana contacted her through the Sittercity.com babysitter website. He liked her profile, which TMZ posted on their website, and called her for an interview. On the profile, his accuser wrote she is a 32-year-old female with 29 years of paid experience as a babysitter.

In her bio section, she wrote, “I like walking with a dog and kids. I like Zumba. I need a job, I need payment doctor, dentist, sick, gas, phone, tax, light. I’m learning a Zumba I want be Zumba job. I like mall and nice restaurant.”

For her contact and basic information, she wrote, “DJ, sexy, drunk, Zumba, dance and exercise, sometime had fun time.”

It is unclear as to why this resume piqued Stubblefield’s interest, but sources close to the case says that English isn’t the accuser’s first language.

With such a hideous resume, prosecutors say this woman is mentally disabled. Stubblefield’s legal team says she competent.

If convicted on all counts, officials say Stubblefield faces substantial prison time.

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