Matt LeBlanc Takes Ireland By Storm While Filming For ‘Top Gear’

Matt LeBlanc, the actor best known for portraying Joey Tribbiani on the hit TV show Friends, went out of the country recently to film for his new TV show Top Gear. According to Big News Network, Matt LeBlanc traveled around Ireland, entertaining fans with his signature Joey Tribbiani charm and some suave cars.

Chris Evans and Matt LeBlanc were on a trip to the scenic Kingdom of Kerry to film for the new season of the rejuvenated BBC show Top Gear. Along the countryside hills are where they assessed how the Rolls Royce Dawn held up against the good old classic Rolls Royce Corniche.

Top Gear has previously been considered to be one of the most widely watched factual TV shows in the world, boasting a global viewership of 350 million. With Matt LeBlanc as Chris Evans’ new co-presenter in the upcoming season, the bar has been set very high. Matt LeBlanc has been spotted just about everywhere filming scenes for the upcoming season, and he was even filmed performing a daredevil act of parking his car in a very small parking space.

Matt LeBlanc spoke on how he enjoyed the show as a presenter.

Top Gear is such a monstrous entity in its own right, but I’m enjoying every minute of it so far. How could I not?”

Needless to say, LeBlanc is having the time of his life on the program. The presenters and the rest of the Top Gear crew also visited Ladies View, Killarney Town, Kenmare, Gallarus GAA pitch, and Dingle town. In between filming, Matt LeBlanc and Chris Evans acted like old friends and toured the towns, venturing around multiple local pubs. During the venture through the local pubs, Matt LeBlanc apparently had his very first taste of Guinness. According to Breaking News, Matt LeBlanc even stopped by for tea with a local during one of his off days.

Jane Prendeville met Matt LeBlanc in her local shop in Lispole and spoke on meeting Matt LeBlanc.

“He asked me where the restroom was and we had a cup of tea. He was on his way back to Dingle and was driving the car himself. Chris Evans was also there with his own car. Everything was really relaxed and there was no security running around.”

Chris Evans enjoyed the scenic Irish landscape about as much as he enjoyed driving the 1976 Rolls Royce Corniche on a route that he claimed to be the best road he had ever driven on. One of the top highlights for fans who were watching the filming take place was when Matt LeBlanc brought in his old Joey act by saying his signature line “How you doin’?” Needless to say, the crowd enjoyed it.

During his visit to Kerry, Matt LeBlanc took a selfie with a surprise guest. According to Breaking News, Kathryn Thomas took a selfie with Matt LeBlanc during his time in Kerry.

Coincidentally, Kathryn Thomas, the famous Irish television presenter, was in the area on a shopping trip for boot camp Pure Fitness. She bumped into LeBlanc and she could not help but express her absolute delight at the chance meeting. Kathryn went selfie-happy and took a myriad of photos with the former Friends star. She later took to Twitter to share her snapshots of the moment to the world, gushing about her time spent with Joey Tribbiani. Selfies aside, she even jokingly picked on her Voice of Ireland co-host Eoghan McDermott, sending out a tweet telling fans that she had jokingly warned LeBlanc to steer clear of McDermott if ever they came across each other during his travels.

[Photo by Mark Davis/Getty Images]