Fans Want Black Widow Stand Alone Movie Next From Marvel, According To New Poll

Scarlett Johansson’s Black Widow is the next character Marvel Comic Universe fans most want to see in her own movie, according to a new fan poll. The poll was asked of people who went to go see Captain America: Civil War and involved a number of the MCU characters which have not gotten their own standalone film just yet. Turns out Black Widow not only won the poll, but won it in a rather large landslide. Other choices included Hawkeye (Jeremy Renner), Falcon (Anthony Mackie), Vision (Paul Bettany), War Machine (Don Cheadle), and Scarlet Witch (Elizabeth Olsen).

Despite a rather interesting batch of heroes, Black Widow garnered 48 percent of the vote, with the Vision coming in second at 15 percent. As the Mary Sue points out, it almost seems like Marvel is teasing fans with a Black Widow movie considering she’s been a part of the most Marvel studio movies. A great deal of her backstory has also been told in cutscenes and the like, though there’s still plenty of ground to tread there.

Black Widow is also being played by one of the most popular actors in Hollywood today, and most critics are in consensus when they say Johansson does a very good job in the role. The problem, of course, is Marvel has its movie schedule pretty well mapped out. While the fan poll shows Black Widow is a character the moviegoers really want a movie centered around, it doesn’t appear the studio knew or cared about that before they made their plans for the foreseeable future.

Plans can change, and if there’s anything that could change the trajectory of the MCU it would be the fans clamoring for one particular character. So far, however, the slate of films the studios have rolled out have followed the released schedule to the letter. If the fans did get their wish, Black Widow would be the first female character to get her own comic book movie. So far we’ve seen Iron Man, Captain America, and Ant Man all get their own flicks. The next standalone character to get his own flick is supposed to be Black Panther. That doesn’t bode well for Johansson’s Widow.

Which movie fans would most like to see isn’t the only question Fandango posed to fans in the poll. According to USA Today, they also weighed in on which film series was better between Iron Man and Captain America. By a pretty wide margin, Chris Evans’ Captain America beat out Robert Downey Jr.’s Iron Man. Black Widow has appeared in both film series, it should be pointed out but she’s had a rather different part to play in both. During Johansson’s appearance in Iron Man 2, she’s not even known as Black Widow, first taking on the role of a secretary to Tony Stark before she lets him know she actually works for Shield. That role makes sense, since the Avengers haven’t come into being yet during that film.

In Captain America: Winter Soldier, Black Widow is quite a bit more front and center, nabbing even more screen time than Captain America’s traditional partner, The Falcon. While Mackie’s character is introduced in the flick, he serves mostly as backup, while Black Widow and Captain America try to take down the Winter Soldier and Hydra. With appearances in both Avengers movies and another central role in Captain America: Civil War, her character has gotten around. Whether this means Marvel is laying the groundwork for a film starring the former Russian KGB agent, or they think the character making appearances in nearly every MCU movie is enough, we’ll have to wait and see. The big question now is how long fans of Black Widow are willing to wait before they get a bit annoyed.

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