Ali Vincent Finds Courage In ‘Biggest Loser’ Study As She Begins Her Weight Loss Journey Again

Biggest Loser winner Ali Vincent recently revealed that she regained nearly all the weight she lost during her time on the show. The Season 5 champ became the very first woman to win the reality weight-loss competition, losing a total of 112 pounds.

Ali Vincent opened up in a lengthy, heartfelt Facebook post on April 19 by saying that she had grown tired of living in fear of public shame over her weight. Vincent announced she made the decision to join Weight Watchers. She then described the difficult experience of weighing in at close to her Biggest Loser starting weight.

“On April 16th I did one of the hardest things in my life I joined Weight Watchers and weighed in close to the weight I started at on The Biggest Loser. I swore I would never be there again, be here again. I couldn’t imagine a day again that I would weigh over 200 pounds. I feel ashamed. I feel embarrassed. I feel overwhelmed. I feel like a failure.”

After coming forward with her weight gain, Ali Vincent braced herself for the criticism and judgment that she expected to come. However, Vincent told Oprah’s Where Are They Now? that the exact opposite happened. Ali was showered with support and encouragement, leaving her humbled and relieved.

“I’m very humbled by it. I don’t know why I thought I couldn’t share, you know?”

Shortly after Ali Vincent opened up about regaining her weight, a National Institutes of Health study revealed that contestants of the reality TV show go home with slower metabolisms. The Washington Post reports that the study followed 14 Biggest Loser contestants from Season 8 for a period of six years. The study participants were found to burn approximately 500 fewer calories per day than would be expected, making it more difficult for them to maintain their weight. Those, like Ali Vincent, who lost the largest amounts of weight experienced the greatest slowing of their metabolisms.

Ali Vincent discussed her feelings about the study in a blog post for People. Vincent first expressed her gratitude for those members of the “Biggest Loser family” who participated in the study, which she feels will benefit all contestants of the show.

“First of all, I want to commend my fellow Biggest Loser family members from season 8 for having the courage, strength and discipline to participate in a six year study, so that all of us might have a little more understanding about weight loss and sustainability. Our Biggest Loser family is over 277 strong, and I know that there is not one among us who has not dealt with the struggle, anxiety, fear, or in some cases shame, over gaining weight back since being on the show.”

Ali Vincent went on to explain that putting her weight-loss journey on display for the world created more pressure when the pounds starting creeping back on. Fear of judgment and shame kept Ali from talking about her battle, a problem she blames on society’s critical view of overweight people.

“Could you imagine having those feelings, knowing millions of people have watched your journey? There is such negativity towards and shaming of people that struggle with their weight in our society. It is the socially acceptable prejudice, and it needs to stop.”

Ali Vincent said she doesn’t think she “would have slipped so far” if she had the courage to open up about her struggles sooner. Vincent feels no one — Biggest Loser contestant or not — should have to suffer in silence and shame over their weight. Ali closed by saying that the study offers her and other Biggest Loser alumni the courage they need to continue to fight for their lives.

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