‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Alexis Is Stunned, Julian Is Scrambling, Franco Is Questioned, And Rachel Is Maneuvering

What’s coming up on Tuesday’s episode of General Hospital? Spoilers share that there will be plenty of chaos due to Alexis’ shocking discovery in the parking lot and viewers will see Sam and Jason question Franco after they find him following them. The May 3 show has more drama between Nikolas and Rachel, and there is plenty to take in with this next show.

During Monday’s show, Alexis was worrying about the new witness who had emerged, but Julian told her that the guy ultimately would not be a problem. Soon Alexis found the witness dead in his car and General Hospital spoiler previews tease that she will frantically call out for help.

It will not take long for Alexis to confront Julian about what happened to this witness, as General Hospital spoilers detail that this confrontation will play out during Thursday’s show. As We Love Soaps shares, she will be stunned by what has happened, and it sounds as if she will press Julian hard regarding his involvement in this. Will he come clean or lie about having this obstacle in the case killed?

According to SheKnows Soaps, Julian will be working overtime to ensure that he has a solid alibi, surely in relation to the murder of this witness. Alexis may now have an easier case again when it comes to protecting Julian and keeping Carlos out of jail, but it sounds as if she will be incensed at how it happened and she will feel intensely betrayed by Julian for what she is sure he did.

General Hospital spoilers indicate that Jason will get into a heated confrontation with Franco during Tuesday’s episode, pushing Franco to explain what he wants from them. Just why has Franco been keeping an eye on him, and has all of this secret spying been coming only from him? Fans aren’t so sure about that, and there are hints of trouble on the way for Jason and Sam. However, Franco is struggling these days and viewers will be curious to see how he responds to Jason’s questions.

Franco will also connect with Nina during Tuesday’s show, but General Hospital spoilers indicate that the interaction is awkward. As Soap Central indicates, he has a special gift for Nina, and it seemingly will be a sketch of some kind. However, the sketch is said to be rather unusual and one that leaves Nina feeling quite unsettled in some way. Franco may have found more solid ground in recent months, but it looks like darker days may be on the way for him again.

Anna will be confronting Alexis during the next episode, and things will get rather heated. In addition, General Hospital spoilers note that Anna and Griffin will spend some time together as it is the anniversary of Duke’s death. They will do something a bit unusual together, but viewers will have to tune in to see how they choose to spend the day. During this time together, they will apparently talk about the new witness in the case, and as the week continues, Anna will find herself in a very tough place.

Rachel and Nikolas had some intense moments during Monday’s episode, and that continues on Tuesday. She was questioned by the FBI, but Nikolas intervened after a while and instructed them to go through a lawyer. Rachel may have been momentarily touched by his protectiveness, but he indicated that he is protecting himself as much as anything else. She brought up dissolving the marriage and going by the prenuptial agreement they signed, but he made it clear that things would not go as she’d hoped on that front.

General Hospital spoilers tease that these two will continue to banter, with Nikolas telling Rachel that she will not walk away with one cent of his money. Rachel is desperate to find a way out of the mess she is in, but every direction she turns brings more complications for her. However, it seems she has a plan in mind, and Nikolas may not be as in control of this situation as he thinks he is. From the sounds of things, there are more juicy twists and turns on the way for these two.

Can Franco patch things up with Nina, or is a split on the way? Will Julian and Alexis manage to weather this storm? What comes next for Nikolas and Rachel? There is plenty more action on the way this week, and General Hospital fans cannot wait to see what happens next.

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