Experts Claim JoJo Fletcher Got New Boobs And Nose Before Searching For Love On ‘The Bachelorette’

JoJo Fletcher came up short after Ben Higgins dumped her on The Bachelor, but that does not mean she walked away empty handed. While Fletcher is currently filming The Bachelorette, experts claim that she had plastic surgery before she started looking for love with 26 new suitors.

A plastic surgeon told Radar Online that the promotional photos for The Bachelorette indicated Fletcher had some surgery between shows. This includes work done on her nose, chin, and facial lines.

“The tip of her nose dropped some, which may simply be age or rhinoplasty,” Dr. Susan Evans explained after looking at the photos. “[Fletcher likely] used some calcium hydroxy appetite in her nasal labial folds, laugh lines and her chin area. She used fillers to soften her facial lines.”

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Dr. Michael Salzhauer added that Fletcher had some work done on other parts of her body as well. Although Fletcher didn’t have anything major done, there were small changes to her appearance.

“I see some subtle evidence of lip fillers and breast implants… Juvederm most likely to the edges of the lip line.”

Of course, former leads on The Bachelor and The Bachelorette have had plastic surgery in the past. After all, producers want the contestants to look their best in front of the camera, and that sometimes means plastic surgery to fix imperfections.

“They make people change their appearance for TV ratings,” former Bachelorette contestant Jesse Csincsak told the outlet. “They don’t care what it is: teeth, face, boobs, butt, you name it. If it’s going to create ratings and puts dollars in their pocket, they will do it.”

Former contestants that have had surgery to fix their outward appearance include Matt Grant, who had his teeth worked on. Additionally, Emily Maynard had a number of things done, though it isn’t clear exactly what doctors fixed.

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According to International Business Times, plastic surgery is not the only thing contestants are encouraged to do for the show. Cast members that are not in the greatest of shape are required to go the gym and work themselves into shape before production starts.

“The guys who were not on the slender end, they made us work out before going on night one,” Csincsak revealed. “They were making guys go to the gym and do sit-ups and pushups.”

Considering the nature of the show, it is not that surprising that ABC wants the contestants in top shape. After all, they are all in a heated competition for somebody’s heart, in which physical attraction plays a large part.

Meanwhile, OK! Magazine is reporting that Fletcher has been difficult to work with on the show. In fact, an inside source told the outlet that Fletcher has acted like a diva and producers are second guessing their decision to pick her for the part.

JoJo Fletcher of 'The Bachelor'

Apparently, Fletcher demanded that all of her suitors conform to certain requirements before being allowed on the show. This includes all of the men having wealth and even similar hair color. Fletcher threatened to leave the show if producers did not adhere to her list of requirements.

“The fame and attention definitely fed JoJo’s ego,” the insider shared. “She wouldn’t accept anything less than what she asked for. If her requirements weren’t met, she told ABC she would quit.”

Fortunately for Fletcher, producers were willing to meet her demands. Now that the majority of filming is over, it appears as though Fletcher has stayed on board despite her attitude.

“She wanted to be treated like a queen,” the insider added. “She’s starting to get a reputation as a demanding diva!”

Fans can watch Fletcher on the new season of The Bachelorette on May 23 on ABC.

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