Kerry Washington Pregnant: Will ‘Scandal’ Season 6 Be Delayed Due To Her Pregnancy?

Kerry Washington is pregnant with her second child! While that is great news, it could also mean some not so great news for Scandal fans.

After a few weeks of speculation that Washington might be pregnant again, Gossip Cop has confirmed that she is, in fact, expecting baby number two. Kerry and her husband of almost three years, Nnamdi Asomugha, already have a 2-year-old daughter, Isabelle.

Although the website does not publish an official statement or even say that her rep has confirmed the pregnancy, Gossip Cop did officially confirm the news. While it’s unclear how they got confirmation, they are a pretty reputable website and are very thorough when confirming or denying celebrity rumors.

If you saw her on the red carpet at the White House Correspondents’ Association Dinner in Washington, D.C. over the weekend, you could tell that Kerry Washington was pregnant. The Scandal star did not have her bump on display — in fact, she was doing her best to hide it. The cats out of the bag now, though. Now that her pregnancy is out in the open, will Washington’s baby bump make an appearance at the Met Gala this evening, or will she continue to try and hide her growing belly?

Now that news has broken that the Scandal star is having another baby, the big question remains: Will Kerry’s pregnancy delay Season 6 of the hit ABC show? If you recall when Washington was pregnant with her first child, Isabelle, Season 3 of Scandal still had quite a bit left to shoot. In order to accommodate the actress and her pregnancy, the season was cut down to only 18 episodes. Plus, Kerry was not on screen as much, and when she was, her growing bump was hidden by blankets, chairs, oversized purses, etc.

However, since Kerry Washington is pregnant at a different time in the show’s shooting schedule, Scandal is on hiatus right now, and it could very well delay the beginning of Season 6. According to TVLine, ABC is weighing several options in order to accommodate Washington’s second pregnancy. One option is that Scandal Season 6 will not premiere until mid-season, a choice that will no doubt not go over too well with fans.

Another option could be a shortened season. However, given the timing of when Kerry will be due and the fact that she will want a maternity leave, that might not be a feasible option. Although there has been no word on when Washington is due, it is likely sometime in the late summer or early fall, right around the time the show should be on a full shooting schedule for the new season. ABC is set to announce their 2016/2017 fall line-up in a couple of weeks, so hopefully the network will have more information for fans at that time.

Shonda Rhimes has a new challenge on her plate now that Kerry Washington is pregnant. It is nothing new for Rhimes or for Scandal fans either. Perhaps this would be a good time for Olivia to tackle pregnancy as the actress deals with it in real life? Could there be an Olivia/Jake baby headed to Scandal? Fans can only hope for that amazing plot twist. Just imagine what Papa Pope would do with the chance to control/raise another little bundle of joy, especially a child that was Jake & Olivia’s. Bring on the crazy!

A huge congrats goes out to Kerry, her husband Nnamdi, and their daughter Isabelle on the news that their family is expanding. What do you think should happen to Scandal Season 6 now that Kerry Washington is pregnant? Share your thoughts and ideas in the below comments section.

[Photo by Larry Busacca/Getty Images]