Beyoncé, Jay-Z ‘Lemonade’ Divorce Allegations: Why The Couple Will Never Break Up

Beyoncé may have left the world stunned when she documented her marital problems in a televised HBO special in connection with her Lemonade album, but according to reports, she and husband Jay-Z will never split up and divorce.

Beyoncé heavily insinuated during her HBO special that Jay-Z had been cheating on her with “Becky with the good hair,” a phrase many had linked with the music mogul’s former friend, Rachel Roy, who often boasts about her good hair on social media.

Regardless of what may have transpired between the two, if rumors are true that Beyoncé has put up with Jay Z’s cheating on multiple occasions, it becomes much more puzzling to think that the singer has ruled out any divorce talk when it comes to her marriage.

Having used her own marital problems and turned it into an astounding body of work in the form of music, sources allege that Beyoncé and Jay-Z both know where they stand in their relationship. Yes, they have had their problems in the past, but they would both like to believe that they’ve overcome the worst.

“They are never going to get divorced, there’s too much money involved,” a source revealed. “Before, the press was just going with rumors and kept running with it. And Beyoncé and Jay thought it would go away.”

Now, however, Beyoncé isn’t shying away from the fact that her marriage isn’t perfect, though many would have liked to believe that this was the case. Radar Online adds that Beyoncé is using the material she finds in the tabloids and adds it to her music, stressing that both Bey and Jay “are feeding into it and using it” to promote their projects.

Following years of cheating allegations, with many women claiming to have evidence of the affair, Beyoncé is no longer being shamed by the media for sticking with a man who wasn’t treating her right. Instead, she has used her own pain and sorrow, mixed with the tabloids’ content, and turned it into the storyline behind her successful album, Lemonade.

With that being said, Lemonade will also be the closing chapter to the divorce, affairs, and infidelity allegations. Beyoncé and Jay-Z reportedly hope that since everything has been laid openly on the table now, people know the truth and can move on from years of speculation of whether Jay really cheated on his wife, who he has been with since 2008.

The news regarding the current state of Beyoncé and Jay-Z’s marriage comes just one week after the 34-year-old kicked off her Formation World Tour. The singer’s fan are upset over the fact that getting tickets for one of her current shows are almost impossible to get, with many dates having sold out within seconds.

The Formation World Tour is set for another successful run with an estimated intake of $60 million once it concludes in August. Beyonce addressing her marital issues in her songs may have heavily played a part in this new era being yet another home run for Queen Bey, having already sold 500,000 copies in just Lemonade‘s first-week sales alone.

Do you think Beyoncé and Jay-Z should feed into the divorce allegations to promote their music? Or better yet, do you think the couple are genuinely still together because they love each other more than the money they are making from being with one another?

[Photo by Mike Coppola/Getty Images]