Kylie Jenner Snapchats Fourth Tattoo

Kylie Jenner, the 18-year-old Keeping up with Kardashians star, is headed back to Jonathan “JonBoy” Valena — king of the tiny tattoo — in New York West Village for her fourth tattoo! JonBoy works for West 4 Tattoos. She did not reveal her new ink right away, but she also used the visit to touch up her Mary Jo ink on her inner arm.

The Mary Jo tattoo was done in February after Jenner decided to pay homage to her grandmother and grandfather. Afterwards she posted the simple script to Instagram.

“Grandmothers name in my grandfather’s handwriting,” she shared on Instagram while showing off the final look.

One of her Twitter followers asked for the inspiration behind the design and Kylie explained she “was close to my grandfather but he has passed. Wanted to honor both of them.”

As for the color red, she said it was different. She stayed with that color for her new design. This time the tattoo was on the inside of her pinkie finger.

After completing her tattoo, Jenner turned to tattoo the artist. She pulled this same stunt in November 2015. When the New York Mental Health and Hygiene got wind of the video, they stepped in and firmly warned the shop that unauthorized individuals are not allowed to tattoo in the shop, reported TMZ.

Although the artist consented to her tattooing a simple sketch, it’s unlawful for unlicensed individuals to operate the tattoo gun.

For her pinkie tattoo, JonBoy warned that the area requested would hurt. She shared her experience with her fans via Snapchat, though it was initially unclear exactly with the red ink image. JonBoy seemed a little reluctant at first, telling Jenner that because “you’re skin and bones” the process would be “so painful.”

Jenner seemed to find out just how much a finger tattoo would hurt, as she’s seen grimacing in another video as Jonboy inks her.

After close scrutiny of Jenner’s Snapchat account only revealed only a thin red line. It appears as if the scribble is a loose “M.” Her pal got a matching tattoo. The picture was released by US Magazine.

Although it is not sure what the “M” signifies yet, some think it might have been an inspiration from Kendall Jenner and her close friend Haley Baldwin who have matching finger tattoos.

JonBoy was proud to do her tattoo but it could spell trouble for them. She did a series of Snapchat videos during her tattoo session, including one of her tattooing a tiny crown and “K” on JonBoy forearm.

Even though it’s a different shop, it’s still a health code violation in New York City. JonBoy told New York Daily he has not been contacted by the Department of Mental Health and Hygiene, as of yet. But it is the weekend.

He wouldn’t confirm whether she inked him or not like the video suggests but said if she did it was in a safe environment.

Kylie Jenner also has a tiny heart on the back of her left arm and a phonetic pronunciation of the word “sanity” on her hip.

[Photo by Richard Shotwell/AP Image]

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