Cyndi Lauper Reveals All About Her Country Album

Cyndi Lauper decided to make a new album, but this time around, it is a country album. This is not what fans expect from her, but you never know, and it could be one of the best things Cyndi ever put out. The Boot shared what Cyndi Lauper had to say about her new album and what made her decide to do a country one this time around. It turns out that she has been working on this for a while now. Cyndi is known for songs like “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun,” and a lot of people would not expect her to make the switch to country music.

This idea actually started 25 years ago. Cyndi Lauper got the chance to sing with k. d. lang, and she told her that she had a bit of country in her. This was enough to convince Lauper that this was something she wanted to do in the future, but of course, it didn’t happen right away. As a kid, she loved listening to Patsy Cline and Loretta Lynn. Country music may not be what she chose to do, but Cyndi Lauper thought both of those women were glamorous. This all turned into the album that she is putting out now called Detour. Lauper also shared a bit about her new album.

“I finally, after all these years, got to sing, and [Detour]’s a real singer’s album. I realized when I was singing it that I kind of heard some of these songs growing up on my Aunt Gracie’s transistor radio — a little black and silver radio over the refrigerator, with the antenna out. It was always Patsy Cline or Loretta Lynn.”

Cyndi Lauper’s new album Detour is a bit different because she chose to do most of this album live. That isn’t the way things are always done, but Cyndi’s fans should embrace this album. The tone of this album was important to her, and Lauper shared the details.

“The reason we do it live is for life, is for the point of discovery. You want the point of discovery when everyone kind of connects together, and then everyone listens to each other, including you. You’re all listening, and you arrive at that place together, and that’s music with connection.”

Now this entire album wasn’t easy for Cyndi Lauper, though. She wanted to connect to the artists and the songs. This was important to her. The name Detour explains kind of what she did with this album. This is a detour from her normal music, but that doesn’t mean it is a negative thing. Cyndi’s detour into country music could be a great thing for her career.

NPR Music shared some more details about what Cyndi Lauper has shared about her upcoming album. This album will be full of country classic covers. These are the songs a lot of people grew up listening to and already love. It is music from around the time that Elvis started putting out music. Cyndi shared that when she first became famous, she spent hours listening to Patsy Cline and singing to her music at the top of her lungs. You lose a few friends when your life changes so much, and this was a way she passed the time.

Are you excited to listen to Cyndi Lauper’s new country music album? Do you think this will be a big hit for her? Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts. Detour will hit stores on May 6 and is already available for pre-order.

[Photo by Anthony Harvey/Getty Images]