Dopey dogooders target EA over booth babe promotion (#EAFail)

A competition held by EA asking attendees at Comic Con to have their pictures taken with booth babes has drawn fire for allegedly objectifying women.

The “Sin to Win” contest asks attendees to take photos with the booth babes and Tweet the photos to the @danteteam Twitter account with the hashtag #lust, according to Mashable. The winner wins a night with two hot booth babes and “booty.”

Part of the problem is admittedly EA’s doing: the promotion dares use to the phrase “commit acts of lust” in context to the competition, which the organizes note was always meant to be tongue in cheek. However the competition instructions clearly state that this means take a photo with the booth babes, and nothing more.

The dogooders have started a #EAFail campaign on Twitter, saying the competition amounts to encouraging sexual harassment and most of all objectifies women.

The question I have to ask of these people is simple: are you completely and utterly retarded?

Lets see: near naked women man the stands at these events for no purpose other than providing eye candy to nerdy men, but it only becomes objectifying women if EA encourages people to take photographs with them. WTF?

HELLO: their mere presence to begin with objectifies women, and I say that as someone who has never taken any interest at all in feminism because it is so clearly truthful to anyone with half a brain.

Still, why let that get in the way of a good ol’ fashion Twitter lynching, because people like nothing more than getting indignant over stupid things while ignoring the overall picture. If they really felt strongly about this, they’d be targeting the whole concept of booth babes at these events..but I guess that might be too hard for some.

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