May 1, 2016
Solomon Allen Arrested: Trainer Left Crying Infant In Running Car While He Hit The Gym

Some people put fitness before everything. In the case of personal trainer Solomon Allen, that might include the safety and well-being of his eight-month-old daughter.

KABC exclusively reported the arrest of a 25-year-old North Hollywood man who opted to leave his child alone in a parking garage. The garage is located across the street from the 24 Hour Fitness gym, where Allen was allegedly training an unnamed client.

While Solomon was working out, the young infant was wailing in distress. Witnesses say she was left strapped in the backseat of Allen's car, and the doors of the vehicle were unlocked.

Not only did Solomon Allen leave the infant alone in an unlocked car, the engine was reportedly running. Multiple news sources cite that the baby was left alone during a roughly 90-minute window. With any terrible outcome capable of occurring in the blink of an eye, it's startling to think what could have happened to the eight-month-old little girl -- all alone and crying in an unlocked car with the engine running.

Fortunately for the baby, she was discovered by good Samaritans rather than nefarious individuals. According to KABC, a maintenance worker happened across the crying infant. He was startled to find her seated in a running car and with no sign of a parent nearby.

Jose Rivera, the maintenance worker's supervisor, said the employee "went into panic mode."

"He couldn't believe what he was seeing. A baby. Nobody around in the parking lot, not even walking by... And the baby just seem really bothered, in the baby seat and just constantly crying."
Fearing for the infant's safety and uncertain if or when her parents would return, the witnesses contacted the police. Officers from the Los Angeles Police Department responded, and the infant was soon after taken to an area hospital for further examination.

Fortunately, the child turned out to be just fine. The baby was eventually released into her's mother care.

Things didn't turn out so happily for Allen, who approached the garage after police had arrived and taken his daughter away. The New York Daily News reports Solomon was arrested and charged with child endangerment. He remains in police custody and is being held on a $100,000 bond.
There are various images and social media accounts linked to Solomon Allen, although his Instagram account appears to have been deleted. Allen, the founder and CEO of FitFriend Activewear, is a very muscular man. He's clearly put a lot of work into his body.

Still, this incident has some observers wondering why he didn't put nearly as much work into securing his infant daughter's safety. One outraged commenter on the KABC website remarked, "You couldn't at least bring your child inside? I'm sure your client would understand." Another claimed Allen was lucky the infant "didn't die of carbon monoxide poisoning."

In addition to children being left in hot cars, carbon monoxide poisoning can represent a real danger.

Officer Drake Madison called the case disturbing. Said Madison, "Being a father myself, that just really bothers me." Meanwhile, Los Angeles Police Department Capt. Stephen Carmona described Solomon's actions as "extremely careless" and "very selfish." Carmona also pointed out that 290 vehicles were stolen in the North Hollywood area so far this year.

That Allen made it so easy for a car thief to drive off with his infant daughter is upsetting to civilians and law enforcement officials alike.

Why do you think Solomon Allen left his infant daughter alone in a running car with the doors unlocked? Do you think he should be severely punished? Please share your thoughts on this story in the comment section below!

[Photo courtesy of Diba Tillery via Flickr | Cropped and Resized | CC BY-2.0; Solomon Allen's Instagram]