May 1, 2016
‘Big Brother Canada 4' Week 10 Spoilers: HOH Makes Nominations, But Could POV Winner Undermine Eviction Strategy?

Week 9 in the Big Brother Canada 4 house saw two cast mates evicted from the game and sent to jury. The dynamics of the house instantly changed without Jared and Nikki, as accusations flew and alliances were questioned.

Despite this, the new Head of Household (HOH) was forced to decide who would be nominated to sit on the chopping block and who would be safe for the week. However, if the winner of the Power of Veto (POV) challenge was to save a nominee, this could upset the HOH's strategy.

On Friday, Joker's Updates reported that according to live feed spoilers, Kelsey won week 10 HOH. Throughout the day she contemplated who she would nominate for eviction. Nonetheless, she was also quite sure who it would be when the time came to do so. As she conversed off and on with Nick and Phil, it was clear Tim and Cassandra would become her targets.

Ultimately, Kelsey remained fixed on this notion and made it official at the nomination ceremony, placing Tim and Cassandra on the block, Joker's Updates reports.

According to Big Brother Network, Kelsey had only three house guests to choose from for nominations since she was certainly not going to target the brothers and send them to jury at this point in the game. This is because since losing her main ally, Jared, Nick and Phil appear to be her only means of staying safe moving forward in the game.

Everyone seems to love Joel and still don't seem to view him as a real threat, so he was likely not even a nominee consideration for Kelsey. Thus, the only two people left to nominate were Tim and Cassandra.

But, in the game of Big Brother Canada, nominations are never secure because the Power of Veto (POV) winner could upset everything by saving a nominee.

On Saturday, house guests participated in the week 10 POV and according to Joker's Updates live feed spoilers, Tim won the power. Clearly he will take himself off the chopping block, so Kelsey will have to choose a replacement nominee.

Joker's Updates reports that after the POV competition, Tim was seen on live feeds sitting "majestically in the dining room eating fruit."

Just a minute later, Cassandra, Tim's closes ally so far, said as she climbed into bed, "…his face really disgust[s] me!" Apparently this comment was made regarding Tim, as Nick, Phil, and Kelsey were heard saying Tim was greedy for wanting to win Big Brother Canada.

In 2013, Tim won Big Brother Australia, which, besides his outrageous personality, was one of the reasons he was chosen by producers and eventually the Canadian public to appear on Big Brother Canada. It is presumed he is being paid to be on the show as well, so this is likely the reason some of his fellow house guests are aggravated with his desire to take the Big Brother Canada crown.
Further live feed discussions indicate that Nick and Phil said Tim was cheating and doing what cast members were told not to during the Big Brother Canada POV challenge. Joker's Updates reports that as the brothers speculated about the POV being tailored to Tim so he could win, the live feeds went black.

At this point in the game, Kelsey has only two choices regarding a replacement nominee: Joel or the brothers, who are playing as one cast member.

Due to the animosity between Cassandra and the brothers, they will probably vote for her to leave the Big Brother Canada house. But, no one really knows who Tim would choose to evict, as he is truly a wild card and could go either way. Although Cassandra has been an ally, Tim may decide she needs to go to advance his game, but he may also feel that Joel would be hard to beat if they sat next to one another as final two.

If it does come down to a tie – Tim votes to evict Cassandra and the brothers vote to evict Joel – Kelsey, as week 10 HOH, will break the tie and be required to decide which house member's game is over.
Another scenario is that Kelsey goes against Nick and Phil and uses the pair as a replacement nominee. If this takes place, they may be in real jeopardy of being sent to jury.

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