May 1, 2016
'The Bold And The Beautiful' Spoilers: Nicole Learns Sasha Is Her Sister, Confronts Julius And Demands He Reveal The Truth To Vivienne

What's ahead during the week of May 2-6 on The Bold and the Beautiful? Soap Opera Digest revealed that Sasha will blurt out to Nicole that they are sisters because they share the same father. The news stuns Nicole because she wasn't expecting an argument over Zende to lead to a deep family secret.

The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers tease that the showdown between the sisters started because Nicole was tired of Sasha trying to woo Zende away from her. She thinks that Sasha wants the life she had before the surrogate pregnancy, and wanted to make it clear to Sasha that Zende is "her man."

The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers indicate that Sasha decides to blurt out that Julius is her dad, and she's been keeping a secret all these years. Nicole is stunned, and cannot believe that they are related and shocked to learn Julius cheated on her mother.

"She definitely questions what Sasha tells her, but then Nicole realizes that the things she's saying add up, and she's telling the truth. Her head is spinning because everything is hitting her all at once. First, Zende loves but breaks up with her. Then, he and Sasha hook up and she says they love each other, yet he says they don't and he still loves Nicole. Then, she wants Zende back and now this. It's like turning up the controls on the fans because things start spinning and just gets faster and faster."
The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers report that Nicole wants Sasha to confront Julius and force him to reveal that she is his daughter to her mother. At first, Sasha was worried about her relationship with her father because she wanted it to remain intact. Sasha admits that she doesn't have much of a relationship, but wants what she has with him to remain. Nicole is dead set on the idea of exposing the secret and eventually, she gets Sasha on board with the notion, too.
"You will see how everything hits her. She's still carrying this baby and she wants the baby to stay healthy. In the scenes that come -- with the confrontation, the reveal and what follows -- you will see the connection that Sasha and Nicole have, and have had all their lives. It's nothing that is said between them, it's a feeling, and how they put aside any conflict and band together."
The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers showed that Sasha and Nicole confront Julius, then force him to come clean to his wife. It is the last thing that he wanted to do, but he is roped into admitting he had an affair with Sasha's mother years ago which resulted in pregnancy. At first, according to CBS Soaps In Depth, Vivienne is angry, but she accepts his apology and embraces Sasha into the Avant family.

In all the craziness, in the week of May 9, Nicole goes into labor and delivers a healthy baby. The newborn is premature, but healthy, The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers report. The prayers were answered for the Forrester and Avant families as they celebrate the new baby and a new beginning for the whole family.

The Bold and the Beautiful previews for the week show Sasha worried that something bad may happen. Is she afraid of her father, or could her mother come on canvas soon?

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