Selena Gomez On Growing Up And Feeling Comfortable In Her Own Skin

For Selena Gomez, it’s not easy to grow up in the public eye. The singer and actress still has a lot to learn, but she’s already realizing stuff at such a young age.

Selena Gomez is opening up about life’s little lessons. Gomez, 23, revealed in a new interview with E! Online that people would try to “tear” her down over the years. But she didn’t let the negative comments get to her because she says she’s been “doing this long enough” to know that she will always receive negative criticism regardless.

“You’re not meant to say, ‘Once I get there, I’ll have it all.’ I think that’s the biggest lesson I’ve needed to learn, is how to be present in the moment, and to know that I’m always going to strive for something. I think I’ve been doing this long enough to realize that no matter what people perceive of me, I always shine through at the end of the day. So I’ve had a lot of people try to tear me down, but I’m here. I’ve always been myself…I’ve been graceful, and I’ve tried to handle myself with as much class, and it’s only because I know how hard I work and I’m not gonna let any of that get to me.”

Selena revealed that she doesn’t have a hard time giving up social media. It’s something she would like to give up one day. The reason why Selena is holding onto her social media accounts is because she has to promote her music and movie career, and because most celebs her age also use social media.

“I’m utilising social media right now because of my age and because, to be honest, everybody else in the world was talking about me, so I wanted a f***ing say. I honestly had to, because I didn’t really expect my life to be as public as it was. Is this going to destroy me or make me? I still have to make that choice on a daily basis. In a few years. I’ll give all of it up.

“I don’t understand all of that sometimes. I think about things very realistically, because I feel like some of those accounts probably don’t even actually exist. I also get very weird about that stuff. I’m like, ‘Well, why isn’t like everybody selling 40 million albums?’”

Giving up social media has already been easy for Selena Gomez. Though Gomez has been named as Instagram’s most-followed celebrity, she refused to bring her phone with her on vacation around the New Year’s holiday. The former Disney star revealed that she wanted “to be present” in the moment with her friends. In W Magazine’s March, 2016, cover story, Gomez hinted that she will let go of social media in the next few years.

The “Hands to Myself” singer is part of the “Share a Coke and a Song” campaign with Coca-Cola. She says that she’s “stoked” to be part of the campaign, which will feature the lyrics of her songs “Love You Like a Love Song” and “Me & the Rhythm” on various Coca-Cola packages across the country for most of the summer.

#ShareaCoke is back this year, this time with lyrics! Have you found my @CocaCola bottle yet?

— Selena Gomez (@selenagomez) April 28, 2016

In addition, Selena will kick off the North America leg of her Revival Tour on May 6, and will travel to Asia and Europe later this year. Selena has been actively promoting her tour on social media. She’s even been modeling some of the tour merchandise, such as her new Revival lingerie collection.

coming soon/ / REVIVAL tour '16

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@revivaltour #revivaltour

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In an interview with The Insider With Yahoo! correspondent Hallie Stephens, Gomez revealed how she prepares for such a major tour. Like everyone else, Gomez gets the jitters but she tries to calm herself down before performing in front of millions of adoring fans.

“There’s many things running through my head, and I try to be calm but for some reason having a quiet time in a space before I go on to something so loud doesn’t make me relaxed. So I like feeling pumped and energized, and I of course, you know, say a prayer, and I go on… Once the first 10 seconds I’m on stage [passes], it just goes away then I’m able to do my thing.”

Selena makes sure to have a good support system with her on the road. She says that she likes to have anyone around who can help keep her focused and inspired as she travels around the world and meets some of her fans. Selena won’t be completely alone, though. She will be joined by her friend, Joe Jonas, and his band DNCE. During the tour, fans will be able to purchase her limited edition temporary tattoos that look exactly like each of Selena’s seven personal tats.

[Photo by Mike Windle/Getty Images for WE Day]