Dallas Cowboys Lawsuit: Fan Sues Cowboys After Suffering Burns From A Hot Bench [Video]

ESPN is reporting that a Dallas Cowboys fan is suing owner Jerry Jones and the team over severe burns on her buttocks that she claims she got prior to a Cowboys’ scrimmage game in August 2010.

The woman, Jennelle Carrillo of Cleburne, Texas, said she sat on a marble bench outside of Cowboys Stadium just before the team’s annual Blue & Silver scrimmage game and received 3rd-degree burns to her backside.

“It was hot enough to produce third-degree burns through her clothing that day,” said Mike Wash, the attorney representing Carrillo. “She did not stay for the scrimmage.”

Temperatures on the day of Carrillo’s butt-burning incident were reportedly more than 100 degrees, ESPN notes.

Attorney Wash went on to say that Carrillo’s burns were so severe that she needed to get skin grafts. She was allegedly “hospitalized for about a week” as a result of her injuries.

The suit goes on to state that the stadium didn’t warn Carrillo or others about hot bench dangers and that there were no signs posted warning that the bench was hot.

“I’m surprised there aren’t more reports of burn injuries from sitting on those dark black benches,” Wash told CBS.

Carrillo, who is suing the franchise and its owner Jerry Jones, is reportedly seeking to get a “jury trial and payment of court fees, interest and a damage amount” determined by the jury.

The Cowboys are not commenting, citing a policy of not commenting on ongoing litigation.

CW33 has more on Jennelle Carrillo’s “burned butt” lawsuit against the Dallas Cowboys in the video below: