Marla Maples Says She Only Received $2 Million In Donald Trump Divorce, Not Paid To Remain Quiet About Former Husband

Marla Maples is speaking out about allegations that she is paid by Donald Trump not to discuss their divorce with the public. Maples says that the rumors are false while revealing the real reason that she doesn't speak poorly of her former husband.

The Republican presidential frontrunner Donald Trump has been blasted by the media for his multiple failed marriages. However, it seems that the gossip magazines will have to look to someone other than Trump's ex-wife Marla Maples if they want to hear someone speak poorly about the business mogul. It may seem unexpected that Marla wouldn't be taking every chance she had to speak badly of her ex-husband considering their divorce was covered in scandal as many speculated that Maples had cheated on Trump with his bodyguard. The rumors began after Marla was caught by police hiding under a lifeguard stand with Trump's handsome bodyguard Spencer Wagner.

Despite their divorce, Marla maintains that she never cheated on Trump with Wagner but reveals to People Magazine that their divorce was the result of differing opinions in life. Marla claims that they "looked at the world differently" and had different ideas on how to raise their daughter Tiffany Trump.

"We differed on how we looked at the world and how we wanted to raise our child."
Marla goes on to say that she didn't come out of her divorce with Donald Trump with as much as people believe. In fact, Maples says she only received $2 million in the divorce settlement. Maples lives in a 750-square-foot apartment and says she "always laughs" when she hears people say she walked away with a fortune from the marriage to the real estate tycoon. Marla also squashed rumors that Trump pays her "not to talk." She says that is ridiculous and that she doesn't speak poorly of her ex-husband out of respect for the daughter that they share.


It appears that Marla has done well in watching her words around her daughter as Tiffany appears to have a great relationship with her father. In fact, Tiffany Trump has been appearing at numerous Trump campaign events and is frequently taking to social media to encourage voters to support her father's efforts to "make America great again."



Marla Maples isn't the only ex-wife that is speaking out to the media. Trump's ex-wife Ivana Trump who is the mother to his three children, Donald Trump, Jr., Ivanka Trump, and Eric Trump, is also discussing Trump to news outlets. However, much like Marla Maples, Ivana has nothing negative to say about the business mogul to the public. Instead, Ivana took up for her ex-husband after he was accused of being "anti-woman." Ivana says that Trump "loves women" and his faith in her regarding business is proof that he is not anti-woman.

Ivana also went on to tackle the issue that Donald Trump "raped" her after a bad scalp surgery. Ivana says that incident happened when their marriage was falling apart and that by "rape" she meant that she felt violated emotionally as Donald was no longer the same "loving and tender" person that she had grown to know. Instead, she says the sexual encounter was cold and left her feeling emotionally raped. However, she says it was "lawyers" who turned those words against Donald for legal purposes. She says that she was never abused by Trump during their marriage.

"It was all the lawyers. The negotiations and stuff like that. I was never abused."
What do you think about both Ivana Trump and Marla Maples refusing to speak poorly of their ex-husband Donald Trump?

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