Farrah Abraham Slammed For Racist Social Media Attack Aimed At Blac Chyna

Farrah Abraham came out of nowhere on Friday and launched a verbal attack against Blac Chyna that turned ugly really fast. Now Blac's fans are angry at the Teen Mom OG star for hurling racist insults at Rob Kardashian's fiance.

It all started when Farrah came across a video of Blac dancing along to Beyonce's new Lemonade album. That's when the controversial reality star reportedly commented on Blac Chyna's photo, saying, "F**kin monkey ewe s**t come up 4 what she is a nothing," according to Us Weekly.

While Farrah Abraham has notoriously feuded with several other celebrities, she has no known beef with Blac Chyna and her racist comment seemed to come out of left field. That has some of Abraham's fans wondering if the reality TV star got hacked and maybe it was someone else who wrote that nasty message. So far, Blac Chyna hasn't bothered to respond to the hate and Farah Abraham hasn't confirmed that it was her either.

The shocking comment was deleted after Blac Chyna's fans blasted Farrah Abraham, calling her a racist and also calling her out for having a porn-star past. Others congratulated Blac for opting not to respond to Farrah's obvious need for negative attention by completely ignoring the rude comment.

Meanwhile, Blac Chyna's fans have taken it upon themselves to let Farrah Abraham know just how offensive her comments were. Many fans headed over to Farrah's Instagram and flooded her wall with angry comments, admonishing the Teen Mom OG star for daring to call Blac a monkey, which is considered a very offensive racial slur. Not only that, but Chyna didn't even do anything to Farrah to bring on a response like that. Is it possible that Farah is jealous of Blac, who was on Instagram showing off a new choker? The stripper-turned-reality star often shows off products that she has been paid to wear on social media.

Not to mention that Blac Chyna has a lot more followers than Farrah Abraham, with Blac's count going over 6 million while the Teen Mom OG star only has about 550,000. So much for being a "nobody." In actuality, Blac Chyna's engagement to Rob Kardashian means she will probably give birth to the next Kardashian heir.

Farrah, on the other hand, only has her appearances on an MTV reality show and a failed attempt to become a porn star to her credit. Farrah also has a tendency to lash out when headlines about her start becoming scarce, effectively drumming up more drama to keep people talking about her. Much like her old feud with Nicki Minaj when she attacked the rapper for commenting on an episode in one of her shows about the way she treats her mother.

There was also the time that Farrah fought with Khloe Kardashian and Kendall Jenner after she became the topic of discussion on the now-defunct Kocktails with Khloe.

"I just don't really agree with a lot of Farrah's decisions in life, so that's why I would just say I'm on Nicki's side," Kendall said about Farrah after the Nicki Minaj feud. "I'm always team Nicki." That prompted Farrah to share a meme directed at the Kardashian family that claims their entire claim to fame was due to Kim Kardashian's sex tape with Ray J.

It was just last month that Farrah said during a podcast that she felt she was doing better than Kim Kardashian. The Daily Mail reported that Farrah said the following.

"I think I've surpassed her in certain aspects. Then again, I conduct myself and my brand in a different way and my life in a very different journey."

Is Blac Chyna just Farrah Abraham's latest victim in a social media attack that she hopes to turn into a high profile feud? How should Blac Chyna respond to the horrible racial slurs thrown her way by the Teen Mom OG star? Tell us what you think of this new feud brewing between Blac and Farrah in the comments section below.

[Photos by Frazier Harrison/Getty Images]