Fired Del Taco Manager Video: ‘No One’s Gonna F***ing See This’

An Arizona Del Taco manager was fired after a video was taken of him cursing at two customers.

As the video starts, the Del Taco customers are “flipped off” by the manager before he returns to the window and begins to confront them again. He immediately starts swearing at them when he sees that they are taping the incident, but at the same time, he doesn’t seem to be too preoccupied about it.

“I don’t give a f**k, bro. Where are you gonna post it? YouTube? No one’s gonna see it anyway.”

You can watch a censored version of the fired Del Taco manager video below.

Unfortunately for the Del Taco manager, people did see it. The video rocketed to 472,000 hits in just three days. That’s closing in on the population of Arizona’s second largest city, Tuscon.

The manager did, however, seem to think he would find a sympathetic ear elsewhere. The Del Taco employee told the annoyed customers that this act was nothing new for him. Because his father owns the fast food establishment, he said he would be facing no repercussions of any kind.

“I am the boss. My dad’s the f***ing owner, so good luck with that… I’ve done this a billion times. You [customers] give me s**t all the time… so how long do you guys want to do this? Five minutes or an hour? I can do this all day. It’s the same f***ing outcome, because you guys got your sauces and you’re still being b****es… Why are you giving me ‘tude about the f***ing sauces?”

The woman in the car then tells him that he must be so rude because he is working at the Del Taco Drive-Thru, and that he should “get an education” if he is unhappy with his job.

Scoffing at the manager, the couple drove away from the Del Taco laughing about how foolish the young employee was for failing to realize the power social media has on national brands. Obvious to those who have seen rude employees taken down by the internet before, the customer was 100 percent right.

Del Taco has been inundated with comments about the incident. Every single recent post on the company’s Facebook page has comments discussing the manager’s behavior in the video, but not all of them are happy that he was fired. Some were suspicious about the fact that none of the lead-up to the outburst was caught on tape. One Vimeo commenter, Sonia Rodriguez, said customers often treat employees very poorly in the fast food industry.

“I agree with the guy in the drive through [sic], customers are rude they come and give bulls**t over and over again! And idgaf what anyone says, it’s true, customers try to act so d**n innocent, but really they don’t record the whole d**n thing, but restaurants also have cameras they can’t try to act innocent. Guy in drive through has my support.”

On its own part, Del Taco confirmed that the manager was fired for his behavior in the video, reported ABC News 15.

“We strive to provide a positive guest experience at all of our restaurants and were appalled by this behavior as it is not representative of our high guest service standards. We took this incident very seriously and addressed it with the location’s franchisee, who took definitive action by terminating the employee immediately.”

You can watch the full Del Taco manager video below, but be forewarned it contains strong language.

How would you have reacted if you were the couple in the video of the fired Del Taco manager?

[Image via Vimeo and Twitter]