Amanda Bynes Officially Being Charged With Hit-And-Run

Actress Amanda Byes is going to court after being involved in a hit and run accident on August 4, 2012. The actress allegedly rear-ended another vehicle and than fled from the scene of the crime. The hit-and-run occurred just four months after the actress was arrested on a DUI charge. Many people believe Bynes was drunk once again and fled the scene in order to avoid a second DUI arrest.

Bynes didn’t just get arrested for a DUI in April 2012; she did so after side swiping a police cruiser. At the time of the accident, Bynes refused a breathalyzer and blood test which has led prosecutors in that case to request a sentencing enhancement that can lead to anywhere from 48-hours to six months in jail.

Police spoke with Bynes and several witnesses since the accident, and this week they turned over what they believe is solid evidence to the district attorney’s office.

According to a source at the LAPD, there is more than enough evidence to charge Amanda Bynes for the hit-and-run and ultimately to find her guilty of the crime.

The L.A. City prosecutors office is expected to have the case in their hands within the week.

According to the other passenger involved in the accident, Bynes refused to exchange insurance information following the rear-end smashing accident. The actress then drove away from the scene.

Bynes’ reps have not yet commented on the likely court filing.

With her past driving problems likely to surface in her case, it looks like Amanda Bynes could be facing an uphill battle in court.