‘Bates Motel’ Season 4 Spoilers: Will Sheriff Alex Romero Be Norman’s Next Victim? [Spoilers]

With only three more episodes left this season, Bates Motel fans are on edge about what could happen next. Norman Bates has an axe to grind with Sheriff Romero. The handsome sheriff married his mother and Norman is not pleased about the holy union. In the episode titled Unfaithful, Norman tells Alex that he appreciates everything he did for his family, but he’s better, so they can get a divorce now. Norman comes unhinged when he doesn’t get his way and threatens to hurt not only Romero but Norma too. They quickly realize that he is not doing well and start planning how to keep safe with him in the house.

The A&E promo opens with Norman and Norma sleeping in the same bed. “I think it would be warmer if we slept in the same bed,” Norman tells his mother. Norma doesn’t want to upset her son with news that she’s staying with Alex too soon after his release from the hospital. She needs to tell him that she has fallen in love with Romero, and he will be a part of their lives long-term. The Bates Motel spoilers report that Norman refuses to believe they are a real couple, and continues to believe that they were only together to pay his mental health bill.

Bates Motel spoilers report that Norma believes that her son has sensed that his home life has changed since his mother has a man in her life, and he isn’t the only focus. Alex refuses to give up his life with Norma but realizes that Norman Bates is unstable and could snap at any moment. Both Romero and Norma know firsthand that Norman’s rage is not pretty and could prove to be a deadly situation if he feels provoked.


Enstarz reported that Norman Bates will tell Romero that he appreciates everything he did for him to get better, but now that he’s out of the mental institute, he can divorce his mother. Of course, the Bates Motel fans know that isn’t going to happen because the duo has developed a real connection and need each other.

Norman gets pretty upset that Alex won’t leave his mother and approaches his mother about it. He warns her that it won’t end well if she doesn’t ask him to leave and lets her know that he knows she’s been sleeping with him. Norma feels torn between Romero and Norman, and she isn’t sure what to do.


Bates Motel spoilers tease that Norman will come unhinged when he realizes that Norma doesn’t plan on leaving Romero. In a fit of rage, he violently destroys a wood building outside and makes a plan to get revenge. Norman drills a hole in his bedroom wall so he can see his mother’s bedroom and spies on her making love to Romero. He makes a few threats on Alex’s life, and Norma wonders if her son is serious about getting rid of Alex.

“No matter what [Norman and Norma] will always have to be together. That pits Norman against Sheriff Romero this season and their rivalry develops. I guess from Norman’s perspective there’s this slightly analytical look that we haven’t done before, a deeper look at his psyche and what’s really going on under all of that and if he can be saved.”

It looks like Bates Motel is going to place Norman against Romero and Norma in an epic battle before the end of the season. Will Sheriff Romero and Norma survive Season 4? Bates Motel airs Monday nights on A&E at 8 p.m.

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