Laremy Tunsil’s Media Appearance Cancelled — Controversy After Damaging Hack Causes Ole Miss Star To Drop In NFL Draft And Attempts To Ruin His Promising Career

The night that Laremy Tunsil was drafted into the NFL should have been the happiest night of his life. Instead, it’s turned into a nightmare and a media circus for the newest member of the Miami Dolphins after someone hacked into Tunsil’s social media and posted a shocking picture that cast doubt on the athlete, and pushed him out of the top 10 draft picks. That wasn’t the only attack on Tunsil’s character since the live NFL Draft was aired, causing many to doubt that an allergic reaction is the real reason for a canceled media appearance just one day after being drafted.

Just as the live NFL Draft began in Chicago on Thursday night, Laremy Tunsil’s social media was hacked. A video of the star football player was uploaded to his Twitter account that showed Laremy wearing a gas mask and smoking from a bong. Immediately, Tunsil’s NFL Draft stock plummeted as teams questioned whether they would have to deal with drug issues and suspensions if they bring him to their team. The picture and Laremy’s verified Twitter account were both taken down within 10 minutes of the posting but the damage was already done.

Tunsil’s lawyer spoke to the New York Daily News about the horrific reveal just moments before the star athlete was expected to be drafted in the first 10 picks of the NFL draft.

“One would think if they were trying to get money out of somebody, you’d want him to have as much money as he possibly could,” Tunsil’s lawyer Steve Farese said. “So, then you’re dealing with someone, who if they are involved in any way, and I don’t know that they are, are completely illogical.” Instead of thinking that this is a blackmail deal or that someone is trying to get their hands on Tunsil’s money, there are suspicions that this character assassination was timed for the NFL draft as revenge.

The nightmare wasn’t over with the gas-mask-and-bong video. It turns out that the video had been shopped around, but that no one was willing to pay for it. Instead, the video was uploaded to Laremy Tunsil’s own Twitter account just moments before the draft was about to start.

After his position in the NFL Draft was already damaged, hacked screenshots of a conversation that Tunsil had with a coach about money were also released. Laremy Tunsil was quick to admit that he did accept financial help while playing college football, a huge violation of NCAA rules, and apologized for using such bad judgment.

After already facing a slew of negative attention and the loss of millions of dollars by dropping down in the draft, Laremy Tunsil also canceled a press conference scheduled for Friday. It has been reported that Tunsil is suffering from an allergic reaction and that’s why he had to cancel the media appearance. Is that the real reason though? Or have there been threats to reveal even more damaging information about the offensive tackle that might further endanger his brand new NFL career before he even gets a chance to play professional football?

Dolphins Executive Vice President of Football Operations Mike Tannenbaum spoke on behalf of Tunsil and explained why the newest NFL player was unable to attend a scheduled media conference on Friday.

“Unfortunately, Laremy had an allergic reaction this afternoon, so right now he’s with our medical staff and hopefully it’s just a quick, short-term thing,” Tannenbaum said. “Our area scout felt good about his character. Obviously there are some mistakes he made in his past, but we were comfortable with that. All the research we had done, we were very comfortable with his character. The decision was made by the entire organization, including Steve Ross our owner, and we are very comfortable with Laremy the player and the person.”

The first round of the NFL Draft is already over and Laremy Tunsil was ultimately picked by the Miami Dolphins. Fans of the Ole Miss superstar athlete are just waiting to see if there is more damaging info waiting to be released about Tunsil. It’s still unknown who is behind this revenge attack on Tunsil, but it’s already cost the football star millions.

[Photo by Jon Durr/Getty Images]