December 27, 2017
Justin Bieber Debuts Buzz Cut, Celebrates With Drake At 'Views From The 6' Album Release Party

Justin Bieber has sent those dreadlocks packing, shaved his head and now has a buzz cut. RIPJustinHair trended shortly after he debuted his new look on Instagram.

Yes, a buzz cut. A lot to process? We should coco. The Biebs and his hair have taken fans on plenty of adventures over the years. Back in 2008-10 it was the swoop teen-moppet bowl cut, then shorter on top, then perky and full, the problematic quiff, platinum bleach blonde and spiky, then platinum blonde to the side, the man bun, even lilac locks.

It's been quite the ride. Now, the pop icon has had those much-debated dreadlocks shaved off. For now, at least, Justin's hair is back to its au naturel dark brown. Fetus Kidrauhl, anyone?

First impressions? Noting the collective and audible celebration of many Justin Bieber fans who hated the dreads (not to mention a lot of the Internet, some of which accused the superstar of cultural appropriation), we're going to stick our necks out and say we're missing the blonde.

But, as is known, the only way to get rid of dreads is to cut them off. So, voilà --- buzz cut. But, fear not, for those fretting, the Biebs' hair seems to grow quickly so he'll no doubt be back to showcasing different styles and colors very soon.

Initial news of the radical buzz cut arrived with a blatant hint from Bieber's hairstylist, Florido. Within hours of the heartthrob coming off-stage from his Purpose World Tour concert in Washington, D.C., on Friday evening, Florido posted an Instagram of clippings of the Biebs' dreadlocks which he captioned "Bye, Bye, Bye (sic)."It wasn't long before the man himself rolled out pics on the photo-sharing platform.The superstar also let fans know he was on the move yet again by sharing a shot of his new shaved self-standing on the steps of a private jet.All was revealed when footage surfaced online of Justin popping up to surprise pal Drake at his album release party for his just-dropped album, Views From The Six, at La Vie nightclub in Toronto, Canada, last night.

The singer later posted a tribute to Views on Instagram, congratulating the rapper and also tweeted out the title.

When the music stars greeted each other on stage, Drake embraced the Biebs, saying, "Oh s***! It just got very Canadian and very real in here!"At one point during the party, amid screams from guests, Drake told the crowd, "Yo! Listen, Imma say something before anybody this year it was this guy [referring to Bieber] putting out the vibes. Trust me, if you listen to his album (sic)."

Watch a selection of clips from Drake's bash below.

Inevitably, Justin Bieber fans had a lot to say about their idol's bold new style. Those reactions seem to be mostly positive, although many who tweeted were also in their "feels" comparing snaps of Justin with shaved hair when he was a child to now.

Interestingly, the Biebs' stylist, Karla Welch, shared a tweet on Saturday morning about fittings for Monday's MET ball. Naturally, fans -- and the rest, are wondering if the singer is about to grace the red carpet with his new 'do.

While musing on that, here's a snapshot of Beliebers' tweets about the "Sorry" singer's buzz cut.

[Images via Instagram]