Corey Coleman Is Superstar Material For The Cleveland Browns

Corey Coleman was one of the top wide receivers in the 2016 NFL Draft, and he ended up being the top receiver taken. The Cleveland Browns made him their No. 15 overall pick after trading back twice. They originally traded back from the No. 2 overall pick and then traded back once again from No. 8 overall.

There is no question that Coleman is going to be a starter in Week 1 of the regular season. Josh Gordon is hoping to get back on the field this season too, but he is far from a guarantee. Cleveland also made it clear that they are sticking with Robert Griffin III as their starting quarterback by passing on one in the draft.

Looking ahead to the 2016 NFL season, Hue Jackson will unleash Coleman’s speed on opposing defenses. There are not many defensive backs who can keep up with Coleman in the open field, which will give the Browns a way to force mismatches all season long.


During his 2015 season with the Baylor Bears, Coleman caught 74 passes for 1,363 yards and 20 touchdowns. He was an absolute superstar for Baylor and is going to bring the same playmaking ability to the NFL. Cleveland would be able to put together one of the fastest and most lethal wide receiver duos in the league if they can put Gordon and Coleman across from each other.

Mike Mayock of the NFL Network had some nice words and compliments for Coleman, although he believes that adapting to the NFL game will be slow for Coleman.

He’s a dynamic playmaker. Think Percy Harvin, that’s the kind of playmaker that he is. He has a quick start and explosive speed. The only key for him is that he hasn’t run a route tree. You will have to manufacture touches for him as he learns the route tree. He’s special with the football in his hands.”

Transitioning from Baylor’s offense to having to run routes every play won’t be easy. Cleveland isn’t going to want him going deep each and every play. They will be using him across the middle and in short wide receiver screens simply to get the football in his hands.

Hue Jackson wanted to bring in the best wide receivers that the Browns could find, and they were able to give him exactly the kind of piece that he wanted. He seems comfortable with Griffin under center, which made finding targets for the former No. 2 overall pick by the Washington Redskins a necessity.


At five-foot-10 and 194 pounds, Coleman is a small target. While he may be small, he makes up for his lack of height with the speed and elusiveness to get open. There are also concerns about Coleman being unable to play against the level of physicality that NFL cornerbacks are going to throw at him.

Even though there are some concerns about his size and strength, the Browns shouldn’t worry about their first round selection. He will end up being a superstar for the city of Cleveland and will work his way into being one of the top playmaking wide receivers in the entire league.

Cleveland is starting to get back on track, and if they continue building the way they have been so far this offseason will be a playoff contender again in the next couple of seasons.

Expect to see Coleman be a huge part of putting the Browns back on the map in the NFL. They aren’t terribly far away from being competitive for a playoff spot and certainly won’t be an easy win anymore.

What do you think of the Cleveland Browns’ addition of Corey Coleman with the No. 15 overall pick in the 2016 NFL Draft? Do you think he will end up being a superstar, a bust, or just a solid target for the Browns? Let us know in the comment box below!

[Photo by Charles Rex Arbogast/AP Images]