'Grey's Anatomy' Spoilers: Episode 1221 Recap: 'You're Gonna Need Someone On Your Side'

Last week on Grey's Anatomy, Callie learned that Arizona had hired a lawyer to fight for custody of their daughter, Sophia. Grey's Anatomy fans also saw the relationship between Dr. Stephanie Edwards and MS patient Kyle Diaz advance from texting only to something physical.

This week's episode of Grey's Anatomy, Season 12 Episode 21, is titled "You're Gonna Need Someone on Your Side." ABC shared the following episode synopsis,

"Stephanie's relationship to Kyle becomes complicated. Meanwhile, Meredith encourages Amelia and Owen to take a chance and choose to be a real couple. Arizona and Callie are at odds and put their friends in the middle of an uncomfortable situation."
At the start of Episode 1221 of Grey's Anatomy, Meredith Grey and Maggie Pierce find Amelia Shepherd and Owen Hunt naked on the couch after falling asleep the night before. Owen jumps up off the couch in surprise and Meredith and Maggie see his "parts." Meredith continues to joke the rest of the day about seeing his junk, but in the end lets Amelia know she thinks she and Owen should try for a relationship again. Amelia goes to Owen's trailer and lets him know it is going to be work, but she wants to be with him.
On Episode 1220 of Grey's Anatomy, Ben Warren went behind his wife Miranda Bailey's back and got a position as an anesthesiologist at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital after she banned him from the surgical residency program for six months. Bailey told him if he took the position he would have to find another place to sleep. During Episode 1221 of Grey's Anatomy, we find Ben sleeping on the couch. Later in the episode, Ben is the anesthesiologist in Bailey's surgery. Ben and Miranda argue during the entire surgery, making the operation awkward for the other surgeons. Eventually, both Miranda and Ben are put in place by the other surgeons and they both come to realize that they may be angry, but they still love each other and will find a way to work through this.

Grey's Anatomy guest star Wilmer Valderrama, who plays MS patient Kyle Diaz, returns to Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital as, although his tremor in his right hand is still gone, he has developed a new tremor in his left hand. Amelia Shepherd tells Stephanie Edwards she is kicked off his case, because they are dating and she cannot treat him as a patient. Kyle's MRI shows another lesion on Kyle's brain and Amelia lets him know he needs another surgery. There is tension in the room when Kyle turns to Stephanie for a decision instead of listening to Amelia. Stephanie continues to try and work her way into the surgery and Amelia finally demands she give her her access badge and wait in the waiting room like all other family and friends.

During the surgery, Stephanie grows uncomfortable with everyone's assumption that she is Kyle's girlfriend. After Kyle's surgery, while he is still asleep, Stephanie kisses Kyle on the cheek and leaves him a breakup letter. Later, she discusses with Jo Wilson why she did it and she states she is choosing herself. She feels she cannot be stuck in the waiting room and needs to be in the operating room.

Grey's Anatomy fans will be excited to see a little more "Japril" in Episode 1221. During April's ultrasound, it is determined that April and Jackson's baby does not have OI, but Arizona sees something wrong on the ultrasound. She thinks there might be something wrong with the baby's brain. They make the ultimate decision to place both April and the baby under anesthesia and perform an MRI. The MRI determines there is nothing wrong with the baby's brain. Arizona then lets April know she can no longer be her doctor, because she wants to be her friend and trying to be both is not working out.

The custody battle continues during this episode of Grey's Anatomy. Arizona Robbins and Callie Torres both have to decide which of their friends they are going to ask to be on their side for the upcoming custody trial. Callie takes an opportunity during surgery to ask Owen and Meredith to be on her side and they both agree. Arizona tries to talk to April and Jackson, but is interrupted by Callie's girlfriend, Penny. They both ask Alex and he refuses to side with either one of them.

Whose side are you on in the Grey's Anatomy battle between Callie and Arizona? Leave your feedback in the comments section below, and tune into ABC to watch Grey's Anatomy on Thursday at 8/7c.

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