Microsoft Surface Pro 4 Inches To Perfection With Massive Update

Daryl Deino

The Surface Pro 4 has been a huge seller for Microsoft since it was released last November. However, the release has been plagued by bugs. As a matter of fact, Microsoft acknowledged the bugs with the Pro 4 (and Surface Book) in a message from the Windows Blog.

"Building devices people love is what drives our team. It's why we come in to work every morning and it's what keeps us up at night. And feedback from our customers is really important to the team and to me personally. I read the blogs, I read the comments, I read social media, I read the forums…and so does the team."
"But there's good news. It sounds like the massive driver update on April 19 fixed most, if not all, of the problems. The level of 'I'm going to return this piece of scrap' complaints has gone to zero. The forums that usually buzz with Surface outrage have subsided. There are still complaints about the 'sleep of death,' but the decibel level is at its lowest of the past six months."

"Microsoft Surface Pro 5 could be released earlier than previously expected. A news article suggests that Microsoft appears to be in a rush to finish the 2-in-1 detachable device out in the market ahead of Apple's MacBook Pro 2016 release, which, according to rumors, is in June's Worldwide Developers Conference."

You can bet that when Surface Pro 5 is released, there will be a major increase in battery life. After all, the battery life issue seems to be the only thing that is turning potential buyers away from the Pro 4. Microsoft still hasn't created the ultimate laptop/tablet hybrid, but they are coming very close to doing so.

[Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images]