‘Legends Of Tomorrow:’ Producer Phil Klemmer Discusses DC Comics Effect On TV, Surprise Finale, And Season 2

Legends of Tomorrow, also known as DC Comics’ Justice League-like TV show attempt, has come along way, but has its fair share of critics amongst mixed reviews. ‘Legends’ is already slated to have a Season 2, but Season 1 has yet to reach its finale. Phil Klemmer sat down to discuss Legends of Tomorrow’s past, present, and tomorrow. Legends of Tomorrow is a DC Comics adaptation, but not as direct as Arrow or The Flash.Legends and DC Comics fans are likely to wonder how much the comics affect the overall direction of the show, Comicbook reports that Phil Klemmer’s answer might surprise you.

“I feel like it’s better to sort of work in seclusion. I mean, very literally a writers’ room is a secluded place where you shut the door every day and it’s eight people telling this tale together. “

Klemmer explains that being a DC TV show writer is a secluded world, and recalled an interesting story that now links Legends of Tomorrow to Freddie Mercury and the late David Bowie.

David Bowie at a 1978 concert
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“There’s a story about how the song ‘Under Pressure’ was recorded. Bowie and Freddie Mercury were in two separate sound booths and they both had the same track, and they both came up with vocal arrangements in total isolation from one another. Then the final song, they engineered this Frankenstein and it’s the most amazing song ever because you have two gifted storytellers doing something totally different with the same melody. That’s the way I look at the rest of the DC storytellers.”

Legends of Tomorrow has had several surprises, and more are likely to come, especially considering it is a DC Comics show that has no original comic book connection. Phil Klemmer says that Legends flirts with a “false finale” for the DC Comics show.

“I think probably the thing that’s going to grab you with Episode 113 is how close we come to succeeding, and obviously we have three more episodes left, so I don’t think it’s a huge spoiler to reveal that we don’t succeed, but I don’t think I’ve ever worked on a show that flirted with a false finale in the way that this one did. It really feels like this is the last episode of the series and if not for a single turn of the plot, it well could be.”

Legends of Tomorrow team
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Though little to nothing is known about Legends of Tomorrow Season 2, there has been much said about the possibility of a new team and plot. Phil Klemmer, however, explains that a new mystery hero will take Rip Hunters spotlight from the season 1 finale into Season 2, but it also sounds like all the same characters will be returning for the next season of Legends.

“It’s no longer going to be about saving the world, which I think makes Season Two more interesting because it forces them to ask the hard questions: are we a team? Why are we a team? Are we heroes? Does Rory revert to being a villain? Does Ray go back to being a tech billionaire? Does Rip return to the Vanishing Point? And I think collectively what everybody realizes is that after all they’ve been through, they can’t go back to their previous lives which leaves them in a bittersweet predicament, in that they’re sort of forced to remain together.”

Constantine fans will likely take the news hardest if this is indeed the case, not to mention the critics who have panned this show already, but there is much left unanswered about DC Comics’ time traveling Justice League-like team-up show.

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