WWE News: Top Star’s Brother Wanted On Aggravated Murder Charges In Cleveland

While Dolph Ziggler is right in the middle of a feud with Baron Corbin and preparing for a big match against him at WWE Payback this Sunday, there is much more going on in his life. Ziggler’s brother is now wanted on aggravated murder charges in Cleveland and could be facing serious prison time depending on what goes down.

Cleveland.com is reporting that 29-year-old Donald Nemeth, brother of Dolph Ziggler (real name Nick Nemeth), is indeed a suspect in a January murder.

Back in January of this year, 34-year-old Joshua Mascol was shot dead at the University Hotel and Suites in Cleveland, Ohio. Mascol was a U.S. Marine Corps veteran, and it’s being said that Nemeth attempted to rob him before the shooting took place.

Police did obtain a warrant on Tuesday for the arrest of 29-year-old Donald Nemeth, and he is being charged with aggravated murder. As of Wednesday afternoon, Nemeth was still not in the custody of police.

Mascol was found shot to death in the seventh-floor hallway of the University Hotel and Suites. When paramedics arrived on the scene, they did what they could, but he was pronounced dead.

Back in February, there was some surveillance footage and photos released by the police in hopes of the public being able to help identify them. The footage came from the hotel and showed two men who were considered persons of interest in the case.

One ended up being identified as Donald Nemeth, but his whereabouts are still not known. Police are working on identifying the other man in the surveillance footage photos.

dolph ziggler donald nemeth wwe aggravated murder cleveland
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Cleveland Scene has confirmed that Donald Nemeth is the younger brother of both Nick Nemeth (Dolph Ziggler) and Ryan Nemeth. The latter was also a wrestler — as he was a part of WWE developmental — but has since left that business. His ring name was Briley Pierce.

Ryan Nemeth is now active in the Los Angeles fitness community and also does a good bit of stand-up comedy. That’s another feature that appears to run in the family as Ziggler is also known to do some acting and stand-up comedy.

Thirty-five-year-old Dolph Ziggler has been wrestling since 2004 when he joined Ohio Valley Wrestling, WWE’s old developmental territory. Once heading up to the WWE main roster, he debuted as a cheerleader stable known as the Spirit Squad.

dolph ziggler donald nemeth wwe aggravated murder cleveland
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Ziggler ended up being the only real successful member of the group, as he is the only one still under WWE contract. Some other members of the Spirit Squad do wrestle on the independent circuit, but Nick Doane has officially retired.

Ziggler has since won numerous titles, including the World Heavyweight Championship on two separate occasions.

Donald Nemeth is not known to have ever entered the world of professional wrestling, and there isn’t a whole lot of information about him online. He does not appear to have followed in the footsteps of either of his brothers.

Dolph Ziggler is scheduled to appear at Payback on Sunday, and he will be taking part in his match against Baron Corbin. It’s not known if he will be taking time off to spend with his family or to deal with the situation with his brother. As of now, Donald Nemeth is wanted on the aggravated murder charges in Cleveland, but he is to be seen as innocent until proven guilty.

[Image via WWE]