Andy Cohen Will Not Replace Michael Strahan On ‘Live! With Kelly And Michael’ Despite Reports He Is In The Running

Andy Cohen is the face of the entire Bravo network. From the various housewives franchises to the other shows that run in between, he is a presence no one can deny.

Cohen was launched into the Kelly Ripa and Michael Strahan drama because he is incredibly close to Ripa. The two have partied together, and often hang out when their schedules allow. Cohen spoke out about how wrong it was that Ripa was blindsided by her co-host, and basically bashed Strahan for not telling her ahead of time. Since his statements, Cohen has been thrown into the ring to co-host Live! with Kelly and Michael alongside his good friend.

Despite the desperate attempts to make it seem plausible, Andy Cohen will not be taking a full-time position to co-host alongside Kelly Ripa. According to Us Weekly, Andy Cohen is happy with his work at Bravo, and he already has his own late-night talk show. Watch What Happens Live airs nearly every night, with various guests from the network’s shows and other celebrities. Cohen is busy with keeping that straight, along with refereeing the Housewives reunions when they are taped. There are just not enough hours in the day to allow Cohen to work with Ripa and still be completely attentive to his duties with the Bravo network.

The drama surrounding Live! with Kelly and Michael has really thrust Andy Cohen into the spotlight. While he was already popular because of the Bravo network, people are now seeking out information about him. Cohen and Kelly Ripa have been friends for years, and he backs his friend completely. After the scandal broke, he was asked about the situation as he was entering his apartment building in New York City. Of course, his words reflected support for Ripa, but he also bashed the network for allowing Michael Strahan to keep his exit a secret from his co-host. The two have been sharing the show for years, with it being named after both of them. Calling this a mess would be an understatement.

Even though Andy Cohen is not interested in co-hosting Live! with Kelly and Michael, it doesn’t mean he isn’t willing to throw out some other names for the gig. Anderson Cooper has been a front-runner for the job since news broke that Michael Strahan was leaving. Cooper is also very close to Kelly Ripa and Andy Cohen, making him a good fit. There have been several occasions where he stood in for Strahan, which could be why fans are backing him on the short list. It is disappointing to know that Andy Cohen isn’t even considering the job, but at least he is willing to back his friends without pushing his choices on them.

With things getting chaotic in the world of housewives, Andy Cohen is keeping himself busy. Right now, he is airing as the host of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills reunion and hosting Watch What Happens Live. He also attends press events for premieres, supporting all of the shows the network has on the air. Because there is a lot of intense drama on The Real Housewives of New York City, Cohen has been having the cast on his talk show as guests. There is enough drama being at Bravo for Cohen to remain busy for several months, if not years. Fans are hoping that he may consider a one-day stint sitting next to Kelly Ripa on Live! with Kelly and Michael, but that has not been addressed. She will need someone soon, because Strahan is leaving sooner than expected. Andy Cohen would be perfect for a short stint, even if it is only just a day or possibly two.

[Photo by Gustavo Caballero/Getty Images]