Lea Michele Debuts New Tattoos In Memory Of Cory Monteith And Her Late Grandmother

Lea Michele, the actress best known for her breakthrough performance in Glee and who currently stars in Scream Queens, recently got a tattoo to commemorate the memory of her late boyfriend and former Glee co-star Cory Monteith, according to Us Magazine.

Michele took to Instagram to post a picture of her new tattoo on the side of her rib cage. A familiar number greeted her followers on Instagram, as the number of the tattoo was the number of Monteith’s character’s, Finn Hudson, jersey in Glee.

And one more.. for my Quarterback.. #5 ❤️

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The caption on the Instagram post was bittersweet for fans of Michele Lea and Monteith and especially those who particularly enjoyed seeing the on-screen couple together.

“And one more… for my quarterback…”

Michele’s late on-screen boyfriend is not the only person who was honored with a new tattoo recently. The former Glee star also added another new tattoo to her collection, this time in memory of her late grandmother. The tattoo features a coffee cup and, according to Lea Michele, signifies that her grandmother was the person to give her her first taste of coffee when she was only 8-years-old.

Us Magazine reported that Lea Michele said her grandmother was not a “typical kind of grandma,” partly because of the coffee incident, but also because she was known to make at least one inappropriate comment to every boyfriend that the Glee star ever brought home, and unlike the “typical grandma,” she never once knitted a sweater or made her a pie.

Despite the fact that Lea Michele is obviously mourning two important people in her life who both recently passed away, she managed to have a fun time with her close friends at a recent party. According to WWD, Lea Michele was at a shopping party alongside Emma Roberts, Kristen Bell, Rashida Jones, Marla Sokoloff, Minnie Driver, and Olivia Culpo.

The spring shopping soiree took place at the Beverly Hills home of Ashlee Margolis, who happens to own a fashion branding company and also is regarded by many celebrities as one their dearest friends.

Rashida Jones spoke on how long they’ve known Ashlee and how it is being in her home.

“Ashlee has been my friend for 25 years and her house is such a great environment for parties because guests feel super comfortable and at home. Her place just reflects her personality: comfortable, stylish and entertaining.”

Lea Michele’s character in Scream Queens is one of the very few survivors of the first season, something she has in common with co-stars Jamie Lee Curtis, Niecy Nash, and Abigail Breslin. Without a solid guarantee of making it through the second season, Lea Michele and some of the other stars revealed how they would like to go out, according to Design & Trend.

Jamie Lee Curtis spoke on how she wanted to die on the show.

“I kept saying to [series co-creator] Ryan Murphy last season, if I’m going to die, I want you to get the rights to The Pretenders’ song ‘Bring on the Revolution.’ I want to die for something, and I said I want to be against a barricade protecting all these young girls.”

Meanwhile, Niecy Nash said that she would want her character to get caught in a stampede because she thinks that it would be a fun way to go. She even went as far as to describe having a hoof on her forehead. Abigail Breslin also described her ideal death on the show, which included reference to Chanel #5 perfume.

As for Lea Michele, she said that she would like her character to go out “singing,” and for fans who have followed her career from Glee days to today, that would come as no surprise.

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