‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Maxie Continues To Dig Into Nathan’s Past, Jason And Sam Get A Shocker, And Sonny Worries About Michael

What can viewers expect from Thursday’s episode of General Hospital? Spoilers detail that Maxie will be digging further into the Claudette situation while Sonny and Michael have words about Sabrina. Sam and Jason are spending some quality time together, but someone is watching them. What else is coming up during the April 28 show?

As everybody saw earlier in the week, Michael and Felix were poking around in Puerto Rico trying to find Sabrina and the baby. They came closer to finding them than they realized, but for now, the search continues. General Hospital spoilers via We Love Soaps indicate that Sonny will connect with Michael over the issue, trying to keep his son out of the situation.

Jason and Sam have been having some intimate moments in a barn after their motorcycle ride, but they had a moment of realizing that someone else was outside. Jason wasn’t able to find anybody, but the mystery person is still watching them. General Hospital spoilers tease that as Sam and Jason relish this opportunity to be amorous, they will end up finding something disturbing. Do they find signs that someone indeed has been watching them?

At this point, it is not clear who it is who has been tracking Sam and Jason or why. However, she recently had a very disturbing dream about Jason being harmed, and there are General Hospital spoilers swirling that there is significant trouble on the way for this duo. Everybody will have to stay tuned to see who the source of the trouble is as this mystery deepens.

Nathan told Maxie some of the details regarding his history with Claudette, but she has felt sure that he is still hiding some information. General Hospital spoilers share that Maxie will ask him again about this during Thursday’s show, but Nathan continues to hold back. Fans know better than to think that Maxie will simply let go of this, however, and she soon turns to Sam for help.

Fans don’t know what the truth is about Claudette, but it is obvious that Griffin is linked to the situation in some fashion. Viewers are buzzing about just what the truth is here and some of the theories are pretty wild. Answers will come eventually, but it looks like everybody will have to hang tight for a bit yet.

Tracy is feeling much better and she is ready to head home, leaving Dr. Finn in a precarious position. Tracy and Monica want to keep him around, but Obrecht is determined to send him packing. General Hospital spoilers tease that things will get heated on this front during the next episode. While it will take some heavy-duty maneuvering, most feel certain that Tracy and Monica will ultimately win this battle.

As the drama in Port Charles continues, GH spoilers indicate that the surprise witness against Carlos will show up dead, and it sounds as if Alexis will likely make the connection that Julian orchestrated the hit. Will their marriage be able to survive this current obstacle? SheKnows Soaps shares that some conflict will arise between Sonny and Jason while Andre steps up to lend Anna additional support.

Can Maxie and Nathan work through this Claudette issue? How is Griffin connected to Nathan’s past? Will Carlos and Anna both manage to regain their freedom? There are plenty of twists and turns ahead, and fans cannot wait to see what comes next on General Hospital.

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