Arnold Comeback ‘The Last Stand’ Gets a Trailer [Video]

By now, it’s common knowledge that Arnold Schwarzenegger is working on a film comeback. But aside from a few lame cameos in a couple of movies about saggy 80s action stars, he hasn’t really gotten it going yet. That’s why the trailer for The Last Stand has us so excited. It shows Schwarzenegger front and center doing what he does best – butchering the English language and looking terrifying (read: saggy) whilst shooting big guns.

The scandalized former Governator has a few movies in the queue, with The Last Stand sitting in the front row. In what will likely prove either a successful return to the action film franchise that made him famous or a horrible misstep, The Last Stand features Schwarzenegger as a former LAPD cop taking matters into his own hands and playing vigilante sheriff on the border.

The film actually looks fairly promising. From the trailer, it has everything that you might expect, namely, lots and lots of guns. Absent, fortunately, are the painfully awkward quips and 30-years-running in-jokes (e.g. – variations of “I’ll be back”) that made his Expendables cameos so unbearable. Sure, there’s some corny dialogue, but there’s also some poignant humility to be had from an aging action icon. “How are you, Sheriff?” asks one character.

“Old,” replies Schwarzenegger.

The Last Stand certainly bears all of the trappings of an 80s or 90s action star vehicle, but hopefully it makes use of these graceful notes enough to save it from the $5 bargain bin at Wal Mart when it is released on DVD and BluRay. It can still be a good action movie if it provides us action… and thoughtful self-reflection on the part of an aging action hero.

But enough rambling. Here’s the trailer for The Last Stand, due January 2013.

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