‘CSI: Cyber’ May Get A Season 3 Thanks To International Views: CBS Not Seeing U.S. Ratings It Would Like

Alexandria Ingham

Thanks to it being part of the CSI franchise, the international ratings for CSI: Cyber are doing well. It could save the series for another year, but CBS is disappointed that the U.S. ratings are not as high as it would like.

The good news for Cyber fans is that the international views boost means CBS is still making money. However, it is not the first time a show has done well internationally but still faced cancellation. CBS wants to see the show do well in its own country, understandably. If its own network is not bringing in the views, then what is the point in keeping the show on the air? Its advertisers could go elsewhere, or it could make more money with a new show.

— JohnLaurence Domingo (@jlaurence) April 21, 2016

Franchise creator Jerry Bruckheimer says that talks for Season 3 happened earlier this month. Then he and fans would know whether the show is going to get another year. He has stories to pitch, so it is possible that he will talk the network into a shorter season. CSI: Cyber finished Season 2 back in March, so it is a worrying time for fans in case they do not get the wrap on the show.

So far, there has been no confirmation either way. It suggests that CBS is at least considering the possibility. It could be a mid-season show, giving people something to watch while most of the main shows take their winter breaks. It would not be the first time a lower rating show has been used in that way. The 100 has started during the winter breaks for CW's main shows, and is seeing some benefit from that happening.

— Buffy R (@CSI_Cyberfan) April 27, 2016

Fans have taken to Twitter to express their annoyance at the possibility of Cyber being cancelled. One fan says that it does not understand how 2 Broke Girls is being renewed, considering ratings drops over the years.

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