iPad Pro Now Has Its First Wireless Charging Dock Thanks To Logitech

After years of delaying release, Apple finally launched the iPad Pro last year, but not without a few major changes in its tablet lineup.

One of the additions of the new tablet is the Smart Connector that is used for connecting the Smart Keyboard that the company specially designed for the tablet.

However, computer and device accessories maker Logitech came up with a unique way to use the Smart Connector portion of the tablet, one that has not yet been used by other accessory makers.

The company recently launched the LOGI Base, an iPad Pro accessory that does not only serve as a dock or stand to allow users to watch videos and movies hands-free, but it also allows the owners to charge their devices wirelessly.

The LOGI Base uses the technology of the Smart Keyboard in connecting to the iPad Pro, but at the same time added transfer of energy from the dock to the device.

When Apple announced the iPad Pro, it proudly stated that the Smart Connector allows for the transfer of more than information, and it seems like Logitech was up to the challenge.

“Logi Base is the first device to charge your iPad Pro through the Smart Connector, and charging has never been friendlier,” the company said in a statement.

The accessory maker added that there are magnets in the charging cradle to keep the iPad in place.

The LOGI Base is rather small in size, although it is sufficient to allow an iPad Pro to stand horizontally while recharging the battery.

The accessory is made up of aluminum, plastic, and rubber materials and is quite handy for everyday use. The base portion of the accessory has a plastic magnetic plate that connects to the Smart Connector and holds the device at the same time. The grooves on the plastic make sure that the iPad Pro will not slip.

Meanwhile, the aluminum back part supports the iPad Pro’s weight and cannot be adjusted. This was probably done to prevent instances in which the tablet’s weight pushes down on the back part and the user would need to constantly readjust it.

However, as mentioned in a report, because there is nothing actually “holding” the iPad in place, it can easily be toppled over if bumped from either side.

Another downside of the aluminum back portion is that it does not have any plastic or rubber to prevent direct contact with the iPad Pro’s cover. Repeated contact between the two aluminum surfaces may cause scratching if not done properly.

The bottom part is made of rubber and would surely stick to any hard and smooth surface.

For people who plan on using this accessory for their mobile phones and smaller devices, the accessory will simply serve as a dock and nothing else. That is because the iPad Pro is the only device in the market that currently has the Smart Connector.

While there are also rumors that upcoming iPhones will get the feature, it is still too far away to assume what the Cupertino-based manufacturer wants to add to its new smartphones.

At the back of the device is a lightning cable that Logitech has licensed with Apple together with the Smart Connector. In the report, charging the iPad Pro from zero to 100 percent usually takes about six hours, which is about an hour or so longer than when it is charged using its own cable.

The LOGI Base wireless charger and dock are available at the Apple Store and Logitech’s official website at $99, which is pretty steep for a tablet accessory.

[Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images]