Allison Holker Shares Details Of Her Son’s Birth, ‘Dancing With The Stars’ Pro Laughed And Danced While In Labor

Allison Holker just gave birth to her second child on March 27, which was Easter Sunday. Her son, Maddox Laurel, is now a month old and the Dancing with the Stars pro is sharing the details of what happened the day that the baby decided to make his appearance. This is her first child together with husband, Stephen “tWitch” Boss.

Allison is so upbeat and fun on the dance floor, and it sounds like she was the same way when she went through labor and delivery last month. She told the sweet story on her official blog,, of how she and her hubby had planned on spending the holiday by hosting a BBQ for their family and friends at their house. She wasn’t expecting to go into labor while she had her day planned out so nicely.

So, what did the mom-of-two do when she went into labor the night before? She chose to go ahead with everything that they had planned instead of heading to the hospital. Allison was not about to let a few contractions get in the way of her party.

“We had a BBQ planned and we’d bought so much food! I had made decorative desserts like Rice Krispies treat eggs and bunny cupcakes, and Weslie wanted to have a lemonade stand; so the BBQ must go on!”

Easter Sunday came, and so did the heavier and more frequent contractions. It sounds like the guests didn’t even realize what was happening. Allison kept cool and collected as they all sat down to eat and enjoy the fun. The 28-year-old dancer did her best to breathe through the pain, as she explained, until they were pretty much done eating. She then stood up to make her announcement.

“We ate, and then I stood up from the table (as much as I could. I was really just hunched over using the table to support my weight and help me through my contraction). I announced I needed to leave for the hospital, but I insisted that our guests should please stay and finish all the food they would like.”

What a trooper she was! They arrived at the hospital and after an examination, Allison found out that she was dilated to a 5. She was still waiting for her water to break, and the doctor told her that the baby was not low enough.

It turns out that their son loves music and the couple brought their own playlist of music with them to the hospital. So, Holker figured that would be a way to get the baby moving, and it apparently worked. Being the dancers that they are, both Allison and Stephen got down to Kool and the Gang’s “Jungle Boogie.”

Allison Holker attends premiere with her family.

The epidural was the worst part for Allison Holker as she mentioned that the last time when she had her daughter Weslie, the needle got stuck in her back. That sounds quite terrible, but this time was much better for her.

The baby’s birth was smooth sailing after that. In addition to Stephen being there with her, Weslie and Allison’s mother were both there as well. With Salt-N-Pepa’s song, “Push It,” playing in the background, Holker pushed a total of five times and Maddox Laurel came into the world with lots of music, laughter, and joy surrounding him.

He weighed in at 8 lbs., 15 oz. and was 22 inches long. He soon went home and the Boss family couldn’t be happier. He has lots of dark hair and is a very handsome little guy.

Allison Holker is not out of the loop completely when it comes to what is going on this season of Dancing with the Stars. She has a weekly blog on Yahoo TV where she shares her thoughts on the dances each week. She also posted a recent photo of her and Stephen, along with their two kids, watching the show on Monday night.

Allison Holer dances with Andy Grammar

Holker previously said that she hopes to be able to make it back to the show this coming fall if she is asked and if she is willing to spend so much time away from her son.

It sounds like the pro dancer had a wonderful birth experience and is now enjoying her family-of-four.

Are you hoping that Allison Holker will be back on the ballroom floor next season?

[Photo by Angela Weiss/Getty Images for Dizzy Feet Foundation]