Britney Spears: Ex-Manager Reveals Bombshell Drug Abuse Claims Against Singer Amid Legal Dispute

Britney Spears has had her fair share of extreme highs and daunting lows in her personal and professional life. Although Britney appears to have overcome a number of the personal battles she’s faced over the years, it looks like some of those disheartening experiences are resurfacing to haunt her.

According to TMZ, Britney Spears’ former manager, Sam Lutfi, is taking her to court to dispute unpaid earnings from 2007 to 2008. The “Toxic” singer reportedly wanted Lufti to manage her career, but he only verbally agreed to do so if she’d consider rehabilitation and pay him 15 percent of her earnings.

If she succeeded, he’d manage her career and receive the 15 percent of the estimated $800,000 she was making each month. But, unfortunately, Britney Spears reportedly failed to hold up her end of the deal. The verbal agreement was axed by Britney Spears’ parents, but Lufti adamantly insists he’s still entitled to a percentage of the singer’s staggering monthly income.

Court documents have recounted Lutfi’s time spent with Britney Spears, and a number of shocking claims about her downward spiral during that time have been revealed. Lutfi claims Britney Spears abused drugs during that time and even resorted to sleeping in a parking lot on one occasion. Her allegedly unstable behavior is what reportedly caused her to lose custody of her two sons, who were infants at the time, according to Fox News. The filed court documents recounted the time frame Lufti reportedly moved in with Britney Spears in an effort to help her get back on track.

“On October 1, 2007, Britney lost legal custody of her infant sons,” the filed court documents state. “She spent a night in a parking lot, then called Sam and told him he was one of the few people she trusted. That night, he moved into her home. With the exception of a brief period in December, 2007, Sam lived in Britney’s home until February 1, 2008.”

At this point, it must be determined whether Lufti’s claims against Britney Spears will hold up in court. Since the alleged contract in question was only verbalized with no form of physical documentation, Lufti may be facing an uphill battle to receive the earnings he feels Britney Spears owes him.

According to Hollywood Reporter, appeals court judge Victoria Chavez released a statement about the status of the case between Britney Spears and Sam Lufti. From the looks of it, there are many blurred lines where the terms of the alleged verbal contract are concerned.

“We must determine whether Sam’s inconsistent testimony as to the start date, the right to terminate, and calculation of his fees shows insufficient clarity of material terms to enforce the alleged contract as a matter of law,” wrote Judge Chavez. “We find that it does not. As set forth above, it is a factual question for the jury to determine whether an oral contract was formed between Sam and Britney, and if so, to interpret the material terms of that contract.”

Chavez went on to explain how Lufti’s insufficient documentation poses many problems when it comes to edifying his claims against Britney Spears. Apparently, Lufti’s conservators must prove he actively worked to manage the singer under the terms of the contract. But, as of now, they’ve been unable to provide solid proof of the work he reportedly did as a manager.

“The conservators were required to prove that Sam actively participated in soliciting Britney’s offer to be her manager,” wrote Chavez. “Under Sam’s version of the facts, he did no such thing. In addition, the conservators were required to prove that Sam unduly benefitted from the contract. The facts are certainly in conflict on this point. According to Sam, he is owed the standard percentage for management services that he performed during the time in question.”

[Photo by David Becker/Getty Images]