'The Walking Dead' Season 7 News: Actors Joining Other Shows

The Walking Dead Season 7 has a monsoon of speculation abound for what's to come. But there are always those early warning signs that come before the season even starts filming.

Those who have been online or on social media, even for one millisecond, know that The Walking Dead Season 6 ended with such an intense cliffhanger that even out-hyped the Dallas cliffhanger from the '80s. You know the one we're talking about because that classic line from the '80s tabloids still rings loud in your ears.

"Who shot J.R.?"

Even though it is distasteful to beat a dead horse when it comes to cliffhanger catch phrases, it needs to be said in order for there to be no confusion as to what this article is about.

"Who did Negan kill?"

As far as we can tell, there is only one way to find that out early, since the producers of The Walking Dead will in no way spill the beans before their Season 7 premiere of the show on AMC. Furthermore, if you really think about it, why would they? They are almost guaranteed to get 20 million to 25 million viewers when the new season debuts later this year.

Okay, so we are far enough down in the article for readers who don't want to be (potentially) spoiled about who may have been killed at the end of Season 6 on The Walking Dead. But just for good measure, be warned: there are possible spoilers in the paragraphs ahead.

Just to show you easy it may be to find out who could have been killed in the last episode of Season 6 on The Walking Dead, the only thing you really need to look at is the business data for the show as well as for the actors.

Last fall on The Walking Dead, fans were horrified to think that Glenn (Steven Yeun) was fatally mauled by walkers when he and that other guy (who will remain unnamed) were savagely attacked by a horde. To make matters even worse, the next several episodes were what seemed to be filler content, especially the episode with Morgan and his backstory.

Although Glenn was not officially walker chow when the previous episode faded to black, every sign pointed toward his demise. Fans of The Walking Dead started their vigorous online investigation and TWD producers lounged back in a chair and sipped margaritas, presumably.

But Walking Dead producers forgot to do one little thing that let the cat out of the bag. The whole surprise was ruined with one little oversight. That mistake was IMDb.

Steven Yeun was still listed with credits for the next episodes in the season, and the Walking Dead cliffhanger was ruined for those who believed in the evidence. But what really made it official is that his credit on the IMDb was very quickly changed, and fans who took screenshots of the before and after IMDb page that pretty much exposed the whole thing.

So how could an investigation like that possibly spoil things for Season 7 of The Walking Dead? One mistake that TWD producers will not make again would be with IMDb. Now, Walking Dead fans have to look at other business data streams in order to get their questions answered.

The first clue for a The Walking Dead Season 7 spoiler is the fact that Norman Reedus has been cast and will lead a motorcycle-themed reality show on AMC. But that has been news for quite some time, and the theory that he is off The Walking Dead to do that show has now been beaten to death and pronounced dead on arrival.

But there is one other Walking Dead actor who has been cast in a Showtime series that has some serious potential to be a big hit – Josh McDermitt. TWD fans know him as Eugene.

According to Comic Book, McDermitt has been cast in the Twin Peaks revival on Showtime and will join a list of over 200 other actors that have been cast on the show, which includes Trent Reznor and Eddie Vedder.

Although that may not be the Easter egg news about Season 7 of The Walking Dead that fans have been looking for, it is now easy to target his business data to see if he is starting to take on any other new projects in the industry, which could indicate he is actively looking to fill a recently vacated schedule.

[Image via AMC]