Eileen Davidson Feels Vindicated: Says Lisa Vanderpump Manipulated Kyle Recently

Eileen Davidson decided to confront Lisa Vanderpump on last night's episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Davidson wasn't happy with the way Vanderpump had talked to her in the past, especially when Vanderpump asked Eileen about how she met her husband. Davidson was shocked when Lisa asked her about the affair that brought her and her husband together, but Eileen was convinced that her co-star was trying to manipulate her completely.

According to a new Bravo report, Eileen Davidson told Andy Cohen that she felt completely vindicated last night on the reunion special for The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Lisa didn't admit to doing anything wrong, but she wasn't as strong or aggressive as she usually is. Instead, she sat back, was quiet, and almost played a bit stupid.

In her blog for The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Eileen Davidson decides to talk about how she saw the situation when Lisa asked her about the affair that brought Eileen and Vinny together. She strongly believes that Vanderpump was being calculated about why she was bringing it up.

"Then, if you remember, she said that it was okay to ask because we were 'alone.' We weren't alone. There were cameras everywhere. She knew very well that everything she was saying would be on television. I remember thinking then that either she thinks I'm stupid, the audience is stupid, or both. That's when I knew it was game on. She was trying to play me, like she tries to play everyone," Eileen Davidson points out in her blog.

Davidson doesn't explain who else Lisa tries to play, but she does reveal that Vanderpump recently tried to throw Kyle under the bus. As it turns out, Eileen Davidson believes that Richards is just ignoring everything her co-star does because she doesn't want to deal with the consequences and she doesn't want to face Vanderpump's followers. Davidson recently had to leave Twitter alone because of her co-star's followers, who don't hold back when speaking their minds.

"Just recently, Lisa V. tried to throw Kyle under the bus about Yolanda, and has never admitted it! Kyle even said she knows Lisa V. threw her under the bus, but she's okay with it. Just because Kyle is okay with Lisa V. being malicious, doesn't mean we all are. And again, I get why Kyle doesn't want to suffer the wrath of Lisa V. and her followers anymore after what she's been through with her in the past. But there's a principle here," Eileen Davidson explains, adding, "And I, for one, won't be silent just because I don't want the heat."

But Eileen Davidson doesn't stand alone in this matter. Lisa Rinna has also been vocal about Vanderpump's ways. During the reunion, Davidson and Rinna sat next to one another and they wanted their co-star to admit to being manipulative. But she sat back like a little child, not addressing the claims. Instead, she played innocent, as if she had no idea what the ladies were talking about.

During the reunion, Davidson told Andy Cohen that she felt vindicated. She felt that Lisa had proven to be the manipulative person she had talked about all season. But her co-star has no plans of admitting to anything. These days, Eileen Davidson and Vanderpump still fight on social media. According to Reality Tea, the two ladies are still fighting on Twitter, so it sounds like there's no end to this feud.

What do you think of Eileen Davidson's blog for The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills? Are you surprised that she's pushing the issue that Vanderpump may have manipulated her co-stars throughout the season?

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