Kim Kardashian’s No-Makeup Selfies With Daughter North West On Snapchat: ‘KUWTK’ Star Far From Naked Photos And Nude Dresses

Kim Kardashian’s raunchy selfies and displays of sexy lingerie have become commonplace for her fans who are used to seeing the KUWTK star’s displays all over Instagram.

But it’s a makeup-free Kim who took to Snapchat to post a private moment shared with her daughter, North. A natural Kim Kardashian is seen lying in bed and sharing a tender cuddle with her toddler.

Kim Kardashian appears make up free for playtime with North.
Kim lets her daughter and her friend play with her hair. [Image via Snapchat/@kimkardashian]

Far from her usual revealing photos, Kim shows a natural side of her personality, and in another video, she declares having “hired a new glam team.”

Letting her hair down, Kanye West’s wife lets her daughter and her friend style her locks with pink plastic brushes.

She posted the video to Snapchat, asking her followers, “What do you guys think?”

Porn Kim or Soft Kim?

Recent pictures on her social media profiles and on her own app have got Kim’s fans worried about the star’s need for attention.

Some of the revealing photos posted online were called out by fans as having “no class” and some described her feed as “porn.”

Is Kim begging for attention with her revealing photos?
Fans started asking questions about Kim’s behaviour after she posted this naked selfie on Instagram. [Image via Instagram/kimkardashian]

The Net recently reported on a supposed rivalry between Kim and her sisters, in particular between with 18-year-old Kylie Jenner, which may be a reason behind Kim’s recent exaggerated displays.

The siblings deny the rumors and say they love doing business together and that they inspire each other. But many of Kim and Kylie’s fans are left wondering just how far the siblings are willing to go to cultivate their profile.

In a rare makeup free appearance, Kim looks natural with daughter North.
Kim posts a selfie with daughter North West Kardashian. [Image via Instagram/@kimkardashian]


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But it’s not just with her sister Kylie that Kim is supposedly in an on-and-off rivalry, which often leaves media and fans to speculate about whether the reality star is playing a game.

She has yet to congratulate them on their engagement, but Kim joined brother Rob and fiancée Blac Chyna for brunch in Beverly Hills. It’s been a long time since they were all pictured together. Kim and Chyna used to be best friends, but since Kylie began a romance with Blac’s ex, Tyga, things have been complicated in the family.

The natural look didn’t stand the test of time, however, as Kim was quickly back to her beautifully-styled selfies and posted this photo with her dentist.

On Tuesday, Kim took to her personal app to address various tabloid headlines and the rumors that constantly circulate about her and her family in a candid video where fans may feel they are seeing the real Kim again. Talking about her and Kanye West trying for a third baby, she said it wasn’t in her plans just yet.

Kim and Kanye welcomed their latest son, Saint, only four months ago. Kim also addressed rumors she may be planning to sue sister Kylie and said it was a ridiculous idea. Finally, she set the record straight on the size of her butt!

So what do you think: Is Kim Kardashian trying too hard to keep people interested? Should she spend more time cultivating her natural look and posting simple family moments? Let us know below.

[Photo by Craig Barritt/Getty Images]

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