'The Walking Dead' Casting Call For Season 7 May Point To Ezekiel Character Joining Series [Video]

The Walking Dead current casting call may shine a light on who will be joining the series during Season 7. According to an article on Design & Trend, a casting call for TWD Season 7 that was posted on The Spoiling Dead Fans FB page requires an African-American man in his 40s who is "an eccentric, charismatic and kind leader [that] projects a regal air of confidence and wisdom to his people." The casting call also requires the character to have an "elaborate manner of dress and attitude that might come off as theatrical to outsiders." The article speculates, but the actual post outright says that the casting call is for Ezekiel.


In the comics version of The Walking Dead, this pretty accurately describes the character of Ezekiel, but the actual casting call says the character's name is Augustus, although this isn't the first time the TV series has changed a character's name or role from the comics. It does say that the role will be a recurring guest star for season 7 with "multiple year series option." The introduction of Ezekiel, who is the leader of The Kingdom, at this point in the series would also fit right along with the introduction of the villainous Negan in the Season 6 finale of TWD.

Rick and Morgan also supposedly met one of The Kingdom members near a barn in the final episode of The Walking Dead last season. The man was wearing body armor and looking for his horse, which Morgan later found after he told Rick he would search for Carol. After Morgan finds the horse, he also finds Carol and they take shelter for the night in a library. Carol leaves the next day and Morgan goes after her and saves her from the vengeful Savior she shot earlier. After Morgan shoots the Savior, two men in body armor appear, one on horseback and the other the man who was looking for his horse the day before. The man from the barn tells Morgan they can help them and Morgan shakes his hand.
All of this does seem to point to The Kingdom led by Ezekiel appearing in TWD Season 7, but nothing yet has been confirmed, even though the comic books show Rick and his group becoming allies with Ezekiel and The Kingdom in order to defeat Negan, whom Ezekiel despises. An interesting fact about Ezekiel, based on the comics, is that The Walking Dead character was a zookeeper before society disintegrated, and he has an awesome weapon in a pet tiger named Shiva! There is no word yet whether a tiger is being called for in season 7 of TWD however.
As for the season 6 finale, a popular theory as to who Negan kills is Abraham. An article posted on Ecumenical News mentions that a source named Abraham as the one ending up on the wrong end of Lucille in the season finale, as well as mentioning the casting call for a possible Ezekiel. The article also quotes Scott Gimple speaking about season 7 of TWD, saying that it is going to start "very, very, very dark." Gimple also said that the team will be "pushing some boundaries" referring to blood spilled right at the very start of the season.
The source that said Abraham is who Negan kills said that "Abraham is the biggest guy in the group. Negan taking him out sends a huge message to Rick and everyone else."

Do you think the casting call does mean that Ezekiel and The Kingdom will be appearing in TWD Season 7 and do you believe that Abraham met his maker at the hands of Negan? Please share your thoughts about TWD below.