NFL Rumors: JaMarcus Russell Asking Dallas Cowboys To Give Him Another Chance

NFL rumors are swirling around JaMarcus Russell. The former Oakland Raiders quarterback was able to generate some headlines today. According to ESPN, Russell has written letters to every single team in the National Football League. He wants another chance to prove that he can be a successful player on the professional level. Since he is considered by some to be the biggest bust in the history of the draft, a lot of eyes will be on the situation to see if something unfolds.

One of the teams that JaMarcus Russell contacted was the Dallas Cowboys. He addressed team owner Jerry Jones personally. Russell offered to run the scout team for an entire year just so that he can gain some experience in their system. It’s a pretty big drop to go from being the first overall selection in the NFL Draft to being the guy that runs the scout team.

Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones

In the letters, JaMarcus Russell seems like a humbled person now. The former LSU Tigers star admits that all the labels that were bestowed upon him were his fault. He takes responsibility for that now. Russell also admits that his name value means very little in the NFL today. He wants to redeem himself. JaMarcus has told teams in the National Football League that he does not want his legacy to be that of a failure.

Actions speak louder than words, of course. NFL executives are going to have to figure out just how genuine JaMarcus Russell is. For all anyone knows, he could have had an agent or a very intelligent friend help him compose those letters. Teams wouldn’t be giving up a ton of resources to give him a try. Russell has stated that he would play for free. That means he should be willing to accept the minimum amount offered.

Dallas Cowboys coach Jason Garrett

This would not be the first time that JaMarcus Russell has tried making an NFL comeback since being released by the Oakland Raiders. He was able to lose 50 pounds, which impressed people in the National Football League. One of the biggest knock on Russell was his uncontrollable weight. There was a point in time where the quarterback weighed more than 300 pounds. That made him heavier than some of the offensive and defensive linemen on his team.

Everyone in the NFL knows that the Dallas Cowboys are going to be doing something about their quarterback position. Tony Romo is going to remain the starter as long as he is healthy. There is no doubt about that because Jason Garrett and Jerry Jones have made it a point to continually reiterate that. They want someone to back him up. While it would be foolish to bet any amount of money on JaMarcus Russell being able to fill that role next season, it cannot be completely ruled out.

Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo

It would take a lot for JaMarcus Russell to latch on with the Dallas Cowboys. First of all, he would need to show up better than any shape he has ever been since joining the NFL. Russell also needs to prove that he is a much more consistent passer. JaMarcus would then need to prove that he is more worthwhile than the Cowboys simply taking a college quarterback during the latter rounds of the draft.

Crazy things happen in sports. Seeing JaMarcus Russell back in the NFL would qualify as being crazy. Seeing him as the primary backup quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys, that might be on an entirely different level than crazy. It would, however, be one of the best told stories in the history of the National Football League. Jerry Jones would love to be a part of that.

[Photo by Jed Jacobsohn/Getty Images]