Capt. Sig Hansen Responds To Q&A On Heart Attack, ‘Deadliest Catch’ Scoops, More

Capt. Sig Hansen of Deadliest Catch took part in a Facebook Q&A session Tuesday morning. The Northwestern captain fielded a number of questions that shed light into how he’s doing now and what’s to come on the show.

Capt. Sig began with addressing his heart attack. He was candid in his discussion about how the prescription drugs make him feel terrible and drowsy all the time. On top of that, he experiences depression.

“You get depressed really fast and you have that to overcome,” the captain said.

Sig shared that he recently had an MRI that showed a few things he wasn’t too excited about.

“I had an MRI and that went pretty good,” Sig said. “They found some stuff I really didn’t like to hear, but that’s my business.”

The captain took a minute to set the record straight on what led to his heart attack.

“Just to clear the record … 20 percent of this was caused by smoking and the rest was stress and genetics,” Hansen asserted.

Sig told viewers there certain areas of his health that are fine, such as cholesterol and blood pressure. He explained that the amount of drugs he’s currently on is to prevent another heart attack from happening.

All told, Sig said he’s still adjusting to the meds and he’s taking his recovery one day at a time.

The Deadliest Catch veteran said it’s another adjustment altogether when fans lecture him on his health or tell stories of their own heart attacks. Sig shared that one old woman hit him with her cane and insist he take better care of himself.

It’s instances like these that get Sig down. He said when people get on him for his health condition, it tends to make him depressed. On the upside, the captain believes people really care. He does look forward to the day things get back to normal and the chastisement eases up.

“I imagine that will simmer down one of these days,” Hansen said.

Hansen added that when he was in the hospital, he was known to sneak a smoke. Surprisingly, the nurses were well aware of it. Sig said it was too much stopping everything all at once because the body goes into shock.

One of the things he misses most from his old lifestyle is mixing vodka and cola on the rocks — called a vodka coke or Norwegian champagne. He mixed one up on-camera then took a small sip as the camera turned away.

Sig didn’t take part in any gossip regarding his fellow cast members. When someone asked Sig how Capt. Keith Colburn of The Wizard is doing, he didn’t give any details other than to say he just spoke with him and he’s doing fine. As fans know, this season, Keith is struggling after the divorce from his wife of 25 years.

Did Sig have anything to say about his old protege-turned-captain, Jake Anderson? He didn’t, but did name him when someone asked about greenhorns on his own boat.

“Jake was very good,” Sig said.

Perhaps a mild dig was taken at a few cast members when Sig was asked which captain he’d work for. He said all of the captains would be great to work for, with exception to a few unnamed individuals.

“I’d work for any of the OLDER guys,” Sig said.

Sig’s daughter, Mandy, was seen in the Q&A. Some were curious if she’d take over as captain of Sig’s boat someday.

Mandy succinctly answered, “If you needed a captain and I was cleared for it, then yes.”

“I don’t know if Edgar would answer the same way, so time will tell, ” Sig remarked. “And like I keep saying, I’m not done… as far as I know.”

As for Deadliest Catch spoilers for Season 12, Sig revealed that Edgar will be seen taking over a little more on the boat and that a fire might be shown. He said the audience will get to assess his “calm” demeanor in that situation.

[Image via Discovery]