WWE News: Former WWE Women's Champion Chyna Reportedly Drinking Heavily Before Her Death

While toxicology reports have yet to come out for Chyna, it does look like the former WWE Women's Champion may have been struggling with some issues prior to her death. Both foul play and suicide were ruled out, but there are reports that her addiction to drugs and alcohol played a part in her death. Chyna had struggled with these things for years, and she ended up doing pornography. This, of course, pushed WWE far away from her, as they could not allow a person with such a history to join their roster. Even TNA pulled away.

In fact, Vivid Entertainment claims that Chyna was possibly going to do another adult film for them, and meetings were supposed to take place soon. As a result, WWE would not want to have anything to do with her. She had been trying to get back involved with the company, but clearly they didn't want to partner up with someone in her position. This was actually a problem for Chyna, according to those close to her.

Chyna was working on a documentary about her life and her comeback before her passing. According to Pro Wrestling Sheet, documentary director Erik Angra said that Chyna was feeling down about not being invited to the WWE Hall of Fame ceremony this past year. She has not been invited in other years, so why she was so down that it would not happen now is a bit weird. Nevertheless, she was hurt by it.

Chyna Jericho
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This even played a role in her missing her flight and not showing up to Wrestlecon, which took place the week of WrestleMania in Dallas, Texas. Chyna began drinking a lot more than usual around this time. On top of this, she was trying to reconnect with her family, which had been an issue as well. This part was caught on tape for the documentary. Angra claims that people working on the film "saw the signs were there" regarding her addictions

While there was no suicide note left and all of her prescription bottles were not empty, there are some who believe toxicology will show something major that ended up taking her life. She was depressed, and heavy drinking is common among those who are. As a result, it made sense that she drank a lot. Her manager claims things were getting bad enough that an intervention was set to happen soon.

However, what people do not realize is that her history of drugs and alcohol also played a huge factor.

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Eddie Guerrero had a heart attack, but it was said to have been caused by many years of painkillers and steroids. He hadn't used in years, but the use of them so often caught up to him and caused his heart to have difficulty. This has happened to others as well. Many former and current wrestlers have substance abuse issues. WWE knows this, which is why they have been big on making sure their current talent gets help if something comes up. The Wellness Policy is something everyone has to follow. WWE docs will come around and do surprise drug tests, and many have been caught using a banned substance. Big names like Randy Orton and Rey Mysterio have been suspended over it.

WWE also helps those who worked for the company in the past. Some, such as former WWE Diva Sunny, have abused this with little to no result. WWE felt she wasn't even trying and stopped paying after a while. Chyna really never took WWE up on the free rehab program. Despite all of this, WWE did pay tribute to Chyna before and even during the WWE RAW program on Monday night. WWE did appreciate her work, but she had problems that the company could not be associated with while she was alive.

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