Selena Gomez: The Real Reason She Posted These Hot And Cheeky Pictures As Friendship With Taylor Swift Goes Sour

Selena Gomez has been posting a lot of hot pictures lately, and it's not clear if it has something to do with the fact that she is readying herself for the revival tour or if she is looking for a boyfriend for herself.

In her latest Instagram picture, Selena Gomez appeared to be nude with her hand over her breasts, and she seemed to be really happy about something.

She captioned the picture, "Behind the scenes of @revivaltour //tour content."

However, this is not the only picture that has Selena Gomez teasing her fans. If one looks at the last few pictures of the singer, one would realize that her pictures are getting more and more risque by the day. Is she just trying to tell the world that she is single and ready to mingle?

In another picture, the singer can be seen lifting her T-shirt and showing off what looks like a temporary tattoo.

She seemed to be with a buddy and captioned the picture, "ALSO all of my tattoos will be available. Each and every one of them mean so much to me. @revivaltour /// --I have 7 tattoos (and counting)."

While Selena Gomez's single status is not a secret, her BFF Taylor Swift is in a committed relationship with Calvin Harris. And that's not all. Selena also shared with her fans the pictures from her Vogue shoot. The picture has her wearing a bikini and posing seductively for her fans. The Inquisitr previously reported about other cheeky Selena Gomez pictures that showed her playing the piano wearing a hot swimsuit and a shot of her butt while is is supposedly performing on the stage.

Selena had famously told Capital FM that all the girls in her squad have a boyfriend except her. Selena even told the host that good-looking men were welcome to join the squad. Looks like if there is one thing Selena Gomez would really want is a boyfriend.While she is busy preparing for her Revival tour and looking for a boyfriend, BFF Taylor Swift is spending some quality time with boyfriend Calvin Harris and Gigi Hadid. Just Jared reported that Taylor Swift and boyfriend Calvin Harris celebrated Gigi Hadid's birthday on their way to Coachella music festival.

"I love you," Gigi Hadid said, while Calvin wrote, "Cake(s) on the plane," referring to the 2006 film Snakes on a Plane.

Would you say that Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez have grown apart as Taylor Swift spends more time with other girls of the squad and, of course, boyfriend Calvin Harris?

There is no smoke without fire, and the rumors that Selena Gomez might not exactly be over the moon when it comes to Taylor Swift's relationship status have been doing the rounds. The sources have gone on to say that if there is anything that Selena Gomez wants, it's to have a relationship like Taylor Swift's. The Inquisitr reported that Selena Gomez's very hot bikini shot, which has her playing the piano, could be the answer to Taylor Swift's holiday pictures that she had been posting for a while. What holiday pictures? Well, if one jogs the memory a little bit (and look at Taylor Swift's Instagram page), there are several loved-up pictures of the couple.However, contrary to several reports, Hollywood Life reported that Selena Gomez isn't jealous of Taylor Swift's relationship with Calvin Harris, because Swift apparently doesn't brag about her boyfriend and that the two are okay.

"She never brags about her relationship with Calvin. Instead, she reminds Selena about her own heartache and how she overcame her own obstacles and eventually met Calvin. She just tells her to keep believing that her time will come and not to settle. And most importantly, to have an open mind and heart."

What do you think is the real reason Selena Gomez is posting cheeky pictures?

[Photo by Jonathan Leibson/Getty Images]